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14 Jan 2021 : 

SNEA Pune wishes everyone a very happy Bihu, Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Pongal.



06 Jan 2021 :  New year 2021 Calendar printed by (SNEA)

New year 2021 Calendar printed by (SNEA) distributed to Hon. PGMT Shri. Savarkar Sir and Officers of BSNL Pune.

Executives of SNEA Pune had short meetings and extended New Year's warm wishes to all officers.









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29th Dec 2020 :   

Sad demise of Shri. Amol Bhagat SDE (CDR/IT), Pune.

Amol Bhagat Photo

            With deepest sorrow, we inform you, sad and untimely demise of Shri Amol Bhagat SDE (CDR/IT), Pune on 28th Dec 2020 after a brief illness. He was admitted in Noble Hospital under critical condition and multiple complications following brain stroke. He was only 37 years old.

He joined in BSNL as JE (TTA) in 2008. He was JTO from 2017 batch.

Shri Amol Bhagat was working as JTO CDR since 2017. Recently he was given charge as SDE (CDR/IT).

He was a sincere, co-operative and devoted officer of BSNL and active member of SNEA. SNEA has lost very sincere and die-hard comrade.

His untimely departure is heavy loss to his family members. 

SNEA Pune prays Almighty to give courage to bereaved family members of late Com Amol Bhagat at this very crucial and hard moment of life and pray for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Amol Bhagat.




Cristmas FTTH



06 Dec 2020 : 

SNEA Pune Pays Tribute To






30 Oct 2020 :  Group Medical insurance policy. An initiative by the SNEA MH Circle Body !

SNEA MH circle body is planning for group Medical insurance policy for Executives in Maharashtra Circle. For this purpose, meetings with News India assurance PSU already started.

For finalization of policy terms and conditions, exact numbers of executives are interested in Group Policy is required. Following form is designed to obtain required data.

Please fill it within 3 days.

<<Click Here to Register as interested candidate>>

It is for All MH employees but at present discussion and initiative is taken by SNEA MH circle body.

If it is finalized on platform of SNEA, then such executive will have to be member of SNEA on date of joining this Group Insurance policy.

Final premium will be decided on number of participants in it. As number of participants will increase, premium will decrease. Assuming 2000 participants, approximately premium comes around 9000/- per year per family for 500000 coverage.

We have intention to give benefits to all Executives of Maharashtra Circle. It is but natural that when it is in platform of SNEA, then it will be for members of SNEA. But we will not be compelling anybody for same.

Offers by New India assurance, after preliminary discussions.

Policy For 5 lacs

Full family covered. (Husband wife and two children)

No medical check-up

All old diseases are covered from first day. No question asked about old disease like diabetes, BP, cancer etc.

Low premium if number of participants is more. There is no agent in between. We are dealing directly with this Govt. PSU.

Going for group insurance is always best instead individual policy for settling every kind of claim hassle free. You can top up or take benefit after retirement seamlessly as assured by NIA.

This is not individual policy. It's a group term.



09 Sept 2020 :  Braveheart Com. Rohit Berad !

Com. Rohit Berad, JTO Pune is honored as Volunteer for Covid-19 vaccine trials.

After clearing all the stringent health check-up criteria, he has taken first shot of Oxford university / Astrazeneca vaccine Covid-19 Shield at Sassoon hospital on 01/09/2020. He is now under on-call medical observation for next 3 months. He is first person from Pune district to do so.

For his brave gestures of serving the mankind, SNEA feels proud and congratulates Com. Rohit Berad with wishes for a great success  !



Thank You

19 Aug 2020 :  Thank you !

Respected Comrades,

Thanks to all members for Voting and making this Second Membership Verification a Very Grand Success.

 Its really very appreciable in spite of difficult situations Pune SNEA members casted their votes.

In Pune Over all voting is 82%.

Once again Hats off to all members who casted their Votes in true spirit. 




I SHALL Vote for SNEA. Here is WHY? 


Show Your Integrity...  Vote for Unity...    Vote for SNEA


15 Aug 2020 :  Vote for SNEA !

Respected Comrades,

Warm and Healthy greetings to you on the eve of Independence day.

As you are aware that there is voting for Executives Membership Verification, on date 18/8/2020. This Membership Verification will decide our future in BSNL and survival of BSNL.

There are ample of issues and SNEA is only Association which holds capacity to resolve in a committed manner for bright future of executives in changed scenario.

Therefore it is our earnest request and appeal to all members please vote for SNEA, the only Association having strength to become single largest Association in BSNL.

Your precious vote in favour of SNEA at Sr. No. 09 means vote for bright future of Executives and BSNL.

With warm regards,



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10 Aug 2020 :  Procedure for Membership Verification.

All comrades are requested to go through the below procedure.

Those who do not have ID card are requested to make as per the given format with Controlling / Higher authority sign well in advance.

Along with this other identity anyone as mentioned (Adhar Card/ Pan card/Election card) is mandatory.

<<Appeal>>     <<Authorisation / Identity Pass>>

<<Identity Pass PDF>>    <<Identity Pass Word>>


<<Do’s>>         <<Don’ts>>




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02 Aug 2020 :  Inauguration of Bharat Air Fiber Services.

Hon. Shri Sanjay Dhotreji, Minister of State HRD, Communication and IT, Govt of India inaugurated Bharat Air Fibre services at Akola District..

Heartiest congratulations to all.


29 Jul 2020 :  Manifesto (The Sankalp Patra) for Membership verification

Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL, Vote for No: 9


Join SNEA, strengthen SNEA to cross 51% with 15000 votes in 2nd MV.

<<<SNEA MANIFESTO (The Sankalpa Patra) 2020>>>



28 Jul 2020 :  FTTH Problems and Solutions.

Please click on following link for various FTTH and related problems and solutions provided by the NIB and FTTH Team.

<<<FTTH Solutions>>>


27 Jul 2020 :  Second membership verification of Executive associations in BSNL.

Pune SSA Electoral List.

Election for Recognition of majority representative Association of Serving Executive employees has been scheduled on 18/08/2020.

<<<Voter List>>>         







21 Jul 2020 :  List of empanelment of private hospitals in Pune

Empanelment of private hospitals in Pune SSA from 01.07.2020 to 31.03.2022.

<<<Letter>>>          <<<Corr>>>




3 May 2020 :  SNEA Pune congratulates Com. G. K. Gawali, DGM Pune, on his peaceful Superannuation Retirement after completion of long & highly successful service in DoT/BSNL. At the same time SNEA Pune conveys best wishes on Voluntary retirement to Com. Mrs. J. M. Mahajan, AGM Pune, Com. Mrs. Kshama Prashant Kulkarni, SDE RTTC and Com. Mrs. Janavhi Surwase, JTO Pune for highly successful service in BSNL.

Com G. K. Gawali, DGM Admin Pune {Mob 9422968111} started his carrier in the Year 1984 as JE in P&T Goa SSA. He was promoted as a JTO and worked in different fields such as wireless, C-DOT, Cables, Group in Jalna SSA and Nilanga in Latur SSA. As SDE, he worked in Osmanabad & Latur SSA for several years. He was promoted as DE and was posted in Pune SSA. During his tenure as DE, he worked as DE Daund and thereafter he was posted as DE Satara Road. On his DGM promotion, he was posted in as DGM Admin Pune he has handled difficult task including VRS -2019 for Pune SSA. He had played a major contribution with great efforts in completing all the activities and process for BSNL VRS 2019. As DGM Admin Pune, he was very cooperative with all Association and Unions and played significant role in maintaining employee’s welfare. He is very sincere, dedicated, hardworking, kind and respectful to all. He is very active member of SNEA since long and always supported SNEA activities to best possible extent. On completion of 36 years of highly successful services in DoT and BSNL, he is retiring from BSNL on superannuation of services and he was devotedly working till last day of service as DGM Admin Pune.

Com. Mrs. J. M. Mahajan, AGM Pune {Mob 9422321199} has started her carrier as JTO in Pune SSA and she had worked as JTO and SDE in Pune SSA in various technologies such as OCB and EWSD in Warje, Kothrud and MKR. On SDE promotions, she had efficiently maintained MKR EWSD/OCB main exchange and connected RSUs. She had taken special efforts for rehabilitation works of Kothrud exchange. On her request, she was posted in Ahmednagar SSA and worked in planning section. She was promoted as AGM Regular and later on posted back to Pune SSA on completion of her tenure. She was very sincere, hardworking and dedicated to her work. She is die-hard member of SNEA and took part in overall activities of SNEA. On completion of total 27 years of highly successful services in DoT as well as BSNL, she has happily opted for VRS in this month. 

Com Mrs. Kshama Prashant Kulkarni, SDE RTTC Pune {Mob 9422005779} joined the MTNL on 17/02/1997. After completing the Induction training (JTO Phase I and Phase Il) in RTTC Mumbai, she worked in MTNL RTTC Mumbai upto April 2000.

 After talking Rule 38 transfer she joined Pune Telecom (MH Circle) and posted as JTO(Intl) in Bhosari  Telephone exchange.  From April 2000 to October 2001 worked in EWSD switch in Bhosari  telephone Exchange. From October 2001 to October 2003 worked as JTO Chikhali Telephone exchange in 5 ESS switch. After DPC for RTTC Pune, she got posted in RTTC Pune on 14/10/2003. In RTTC she worked as JTO instructor. After getting promotion as SDE RTTC in June 2009, she worked in RTTC Pune as SDE Training Management upto 14/02/2020.  She managed various telecom trainings at RTTC for the BSNL employees like induction trainings and in-service trainings and also the commercial trainings like VT and Corporate trainings. She opted for Voluntary Retirement on 14/02/2020.

Com. Mrs. Janavhi Surwase, JTO Transmission Pune {Mob 9403100162} joined BSNL as TTA in the year 2008. She worked in NIB and Anandnagar Exchange and on JTO promotion; she was posted in Transmission MKR Exchange and continued in same section till today. She was sincere and dedicated to her work. She has been very active member of SNEA and supported SNEA Pune in every association activity. Due to her personal reason, she has opted for Voluntary Retirement from this month.

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA Pune salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com G. K. Gawali, Com. Mrs. J. M. Mahajan, Com. Mrs. Kshama Prashant Kulkarni and Com. Mrs. Janavhi Surwase towards BSNL & SNEA.

On behalf of All comrades of SNEA we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.



31 Mar 2020 :  Extension of empanelment of private hospitals in Pune

Extension of empanelment of private hospitals in Pune SSA is now upto date 30.06.2020.



\19 Mar 2020 :  Meeting between the CMD and the leaders of Recognized Associations/Unions on 18.03.2020

The meeting was called by the CMD to discuss the implementation of BSNL Revival Plan and Restructuring of BSNL. Director (HR) and GM (Restructuring) also was present in the meeting. GS and President, SNEA attended the meeting along with the leaders of BSNLEU, NFTE and AIBSNLEA.

At the outset the CMD expressed his gratitude to the employees in the field units for maintaining the network without much disturbances, after the VRS. He recognised their contribution in the past few weeks under so much adverse conditions.

The CMD informed that Hon Union Minister today (18.03.2020) told in the Parliament that the employees and the Trade Unions/Associations of BSNL played a very constructive role in the Government efforts for the implementation of various Revival proposals. They are maintaining the network in the post VRS which is appreciable and on behalf of the Government, Hon Minister thanked all the employees and Trade unions/Associations of BSNL. 

CMD explained the developments on various fronts as given below:

a) Last three months, SIM sales improved, the mobile revenue increased by 5 to 6% and market share also increased marginally. 

b) On EB segment, there is an increase of about 8 to 10%.

c) On FTTH, 6,000 OLTs integrated in the network and very good response is receiving on revenue sharing model. 

d) Rural exchanges with less than 50 connections is not economically viable. As an alternative, Air Fibre is launched.

e) Broadband connections are closing in large numbers and revenue dip is CFA segment is a major concern.

f) On OFC laying, BSNL decided to go for armoured cable which was our demand for the last few years. All other operators are laying armoured OF cables. Initially BSNL will be going for 30% of armoured OF cable which will make localization of fault very easy. 

g) On VRS optees, for 76,921 cases, provisional pension sanctioned and for 26,370 employees formal PPO issued. Only 1767 pension related cases are pending with BSNL. This was possible only with the support of all the employees and DoT, especially CCAs. Leave encashment will be paid along with the 1st instalment of Ex-gratia by March end. Rs.4850 Cr for leave encashment after deduction of TDS is demanded from the fund maintained by LIC.

h) On 4G launching, the uncertainty is continuing as the vendors M/s Nokia and M/s ZTE are putting lot of conditions in addition to the dispute over pricing for up-gradation of 3G BTSs to 4G. The outstanding payment for these 2 vendors is about Rs.2000 Cr. It is a big challenge for BSNL. CMD cleared various queries on the issues related with up-gradation of the 3G BTSs. Meanwhile, the new tender for about 50,000 numbers of 4G BTSs is approved by the BSNL Board and it will be floated soon. However it will take minimum 8 to 10 months for processing and another 6 months for roll out. We expressed our serious concern over the abnormal delay in launching the 4G services due to one reason or other. 4G services launching is very much important for the revival of BSNL. The CMD assured that management is taking all efforts for the up-gradation of 3G BTSs. 

i) Monetization of assets is very important for BSNL survival, CMD told. Otherwise BSNL will land in debt trap as the present loan is about Rs.23,500 Cr and liability is around Rs.17,000 Cr. This means annual interest liability alone will be over Rs.4,500 Cr and the entire savings on VRS will be spent on Loan repayment, leaving nothing for future expansion and maintenance. On monetization, 13 land parcels worth Rs.18,200 Cr (as per commercial value) out of 16 parcels offered is agreed by DIPAM for auction. So far things are moving very positively and the transactional advise is expected very shortly. However, the final outcome will depends on the auctioned price and the Corona Virus effect and the economic slowdown may have an impact in the auction. Meanwhile, second list of land parcels also under process as a standby arrangement.

j) Merger of BSNL and MTNL: It is part of the Revival plan and Government is working on it and want to complete it by 2021. We demanded full-fledged discussion on the matter as it is having various implications on BSNL and the service conditions of the employees.

k) Outsourcing tenders: CMD was very much happy on the maintenance of the network after the VRS. The employees in the field units deserves all applause, CMD told. On CFA tender, EOIs opened in 1100 clusters out of 1600. Some are awarded.  We explained the practical difficulty experienced by the field units. Actual faults are not reporting in the system. Complaints are getting closed without attending it, to show good figure. We shared our apprehension that Circles are not reporting the real facts to BSNLCO. CMD and Directors are to take our inputs very seriously. We demanded for allotment of more funds for labour payments and temporary advance to the field units to maintain the network during this testing time. More employees are to be posted in the External plant and OFC maintenance, we demanded. Otherwise the existing employees also will get demoralised and it will have serious implications on services.  Due to non-payment of labour payments, participation in tender is not good. Tender conditions are framed to favour the Franchisees who had no experience in line/cable maintenance. The actual workers, earlier maintained the line/cable are ignored and ruled out from participation. The rates are very good. The primary cable also could have maintained with the same rate if it was allowed as suggested by us and many CGMs. Even if tender is successful, we cannot ensure quality service without primary cable repair and the participation of the experienced persons, we shared our apprehension. We suggested to relax the eligibility conditions to make the existing contractors/ workers to participate in the future tenders wherever it is failed. Also to include the primary cable. CGMs are to be given more power to take decisions according to the local conditions, we suggested. The CMD agreed to review the situation on our inputs. More funds are allotted for maintenance as tendering is taking more time.

Further we shared the poor response in many places with regard to tendering of CSC maintenance. We demanded some alternative mechanism till that time as CSCs are main collection centres and customer interface for BSNL. 

On regular salary payment, CMD informed that management will try to disburse the February salary in this month itself. 

Much discussion could not take place on restructuring plan where important issues are to be discussed.

We demanded for discussion at the earliest and CMD agreed for further discussion on 19.03.2020 or 20.03.2020.


\08 Mar 2020 :  Welcome meeting of the PGMT Pune

      A welcome meeting of  PGMT Pune, Shri Sandeep Savarkar Sir with SNEA Pune Executives was held in Conference Hall, Sanchar Bhavan, and PGMT Office on 02/03/2020. PGM (Admin/EB) Shri A. N. Dhanorkar and DGM(Admin/EB) Shri. G. K. Gawali also attended this meeting.

Following Executives of SNEA were present:

Com. Bharat Sonawane  : Circle President, SNEA  MH

Com. R. A. Londhe          : District President

Com. S. P. Sonawane      : CWC Member, SNEA MH

Com. Shailesh Solanke   : CWC Member, SNEA MH

Com. S. G. Kadam          : Vice President - I

Com. Smt. Jyoti Kumari Jha  : Vice President - II

Com. V. R. Chaudhari   : District Secretary

Com. A. H. Kadam          : Assistant District Secretary-I

Com. P.S. Kinikar           : Assistant District Secretary-II

Com. S. P. Phirke          : Assistant District Secretary-III

Com. A.N. Raut             : Assistant District Secretary-IV

Com. Satish Alandkar   : District Treasurer

Com. Girish Sonar        : Organizational Secretary - I

Com. M. W. Kulkarni    : CEC Member - I

Com. D.V.Joshi            : CEC Member - III

Com. Kiran Jawale       : Auditor

DS, Com. Virendra Chaudhari welcomed newly joined PGMT Shri. Savarkar Sir, Shri. Dhanorkar sir and all executives present in the hall. CP Shri. Bharat Sonawane and DP Shri Rajesh Londhe welcomed PGMT with a beautiful bouquet.

The meeting started with introduction of all Executives with PGMT Sir.

DS in his introductory address informed that in Extra Ordinary General Body meeting held on 17/01/2020 new SNEA Pune District body was unanimously elected by the house.

DS informed that in post VRS scenario, Executives are overburdened with multiple charges and due to acute shortage of staff and non-availability of CFR/EOI tenders the situation is critical and services are badly affected.

We informed PGMT that there is no uniform policy regarding transfers and Executives are taking undue advantage of getting their transfer to ITPC, BBNW, RCNGN to escape from Pune Rural transfer and out of SSA transfer. Due to unequal justification of staff compared to other units (ITPC, Pune mobile, Mobile Nodal, EB) there is acute shortage of executives in the fields.

PGMT agreed with our views and informed that he will take this matter with Circle and Corporate office so that their will not be any unrest amongst the Executives.

Com. Bharat Sonawane elaborated the current situation of staff shortage and hurdles that may arise in future. He assured that all his members will battle the situation with full enthusiasm and courage with the support of the management. He also informed that SNEA is the largest membership association consisting of all young BSNL recruited as well as DOT recruited executives and our association works for development and welfare of BSNL.

Com. S. P. Sonawane, Com. Dr. Satish Alandkar, Com.  D. V. Joshi, Com. A. N. Raut, Com. Subhash Kadam from Marketing section informed about various issues regarding working of Customer Service Centers. Issues such as non-availability of print receipts, Cheque payment for franchisee in CSC is not resolved. It was brought to the notice that some of the newly assigned Commercial Officers were clueless about various aspects of the work. This has increased calls and queries to the CDR section. We informed that a workshop to all New Commercial Officers/Franchisee assigned to be given for smooth working of commercial activities.

Com. R. A. Londhe informed that there is urgent need of JEs in the field units so that Executives with multiple charges may get relief. PGMT has assured to take information of all the JEs posted in Pune SSA as well as other units in Pune and post them as per proper justification.

Com. P. S. Kinikar, Com. S.P. Phirke informed about issues pertaining to C-Topup and mobile recharge faced by DSA and Franchisee. PGMT informed that new OCOC App to be released shortly. We appreciated the initiative taken by PGMT to resolve and accelerate the process of bookings through OCOC App. This will resolve the issues of LL, bill payments  receipts, SIM replacement, post-paid NTCs

We discussed the issue of frequent failure of backbone links towards the IGW, Mumbai leading to speed issues to all internet customers. PGMT informed that load balancing has already been implemented and the matter of additional route towards IGW, Bangalore has been discussed with CGM (BBNW), PGM(CNO), Corporate Office. This will resolve the speed issues.

It was also discussed to post additional staff in OFC, Transmission and FTTH units as there is a huge demand. Other issues such as temporary advances and other funds required for operational expenses were discussed and PGMT assured to resolve the same at the earliest. He also informed that EOI and CFR personnel would join field units shortly as it has been finalized.

The meeting was very fruitful and the PGMT Pune assured us to resolve development and HR issues of Pune SSA positively. The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks by Com. V. R. Chaudhari.


DS SNEA Pune writes to the PGMT Pune on the issues in the Pune SSA.




\01 Mar 2020 :  Editorial

BSNL started its new journey on 01.02.2020.

We should join hands at these crucial hours.

On 01st February, 2020, BSNL started its new journey, the new innings with less than 50% employees. 78,569 employees took VRS on 31.01.2020 in addition to the superannuation retirees and the remaining BSNL employees are only 70,671. It was the biggest challenge for BSNL, after its formation in 2000 to maintain the services without interruption. Many locations become vacuum on 01.02.2020, finding no one to take care of the telephone exchanges, transmission systems, CSCs etc. The outsourcing tender for landline maintenance, Optical Fibre maintenance and Mobile infra was yet to take shape. Labours are unwilling to work due to no-payment of wages. Even the management was clueless how to manage the situation. 

Showing its inherent strength of performing at adverse situations, our comrades at various places taken the challenges and started managing the affairs. Within three weeks time, things come under control in majority of the Circles. This could happen only when one owns the system, taking the ownership of the company and exactly that had by the employees. There are no words to congratulate our comrades who had taken extraordinary pain and shown the courage to take decisions at their level, during these hours of crisis.

Success of BSNL in the post VRS scenario mainly depends up on the success of the outsourcing tenders for Landline, OFC and Mobile Infra maintenance and the deployment of manpower. Our involvement in the tendering process will have a telling effect on its success also. The rate for Landline maintenance tender is very good and the rates for Mobile Infra and OFC maintenance are reasonably good. Success of the outsourcing model depends up on the performance of the contractor or the successful bidder. We have to take initiative to ensure that good contractors are participating in the tender. They have to be encouraged, explaining the attractive rates offered to them. At the same time, we should ensure that the saving through man power reduction is not drained out in the name of outsourcing. The tendency of corruption at any level should not be tolerated and it has to be plugged at the beginning itself.

BSNL revival cannot be possible without increasing the revenue and finding new sources for revenue generation. In that respect, launching of 4G services will have huge impact. This will strengthen the hands of the remaining employees and inject confidence among them for better performance. More focus is to be given on FTTH which is growing exponentially. The revenue sharing model with is becoming a success story for BSNL. The open policy for IPTV services will open more competition among the MSO/LCOs and competition is to be encouraged at each location.   

Finally, motivation of the workforce in the changed scenario is more important for taking up further challenges and for better performance. In this aspect lot of initiative is required from management side. Now the role of Executives changed drastically after the mass Voluntary Retirement of non-Executives. The higher management and Personal section in particular has to find ways to motivate the Executives by issuing timely promotions. Sitting on promotions after approval of the promotion policy in the Board is not at all a good sign for any management. Foreseeing the negative impact due to litigations on reservation and seniority, we evolved the non-post based promotion policy free from vacancy, seniority and reservation related issues. Further this promotion is not having any financial implications on impact on the company but still management is lagging behind.

BSNL cannot ignore the significance of Landline sector which provides the landline, Broadband, Leased circuits, MPLS circuits, ILL etc. In the telecom melt down going on, when BSNL mobile revenue has slumped from Rs 11,000 Crores to just Rs 5,000 Crores, it is the landline sector with its steady revenue only cushioned the impact and saved BSNL to a great extent. Other operators suffered more because they are depending only on mobile services. Comparing to mobile sector, the investment in landline sector is meagre. The best performing Circle, Kerala, could generate huge revenue and hundreds of Crores of profit only because they could preserve the landline sector with more than 14 lakhs landline connections and 5 lakhs Broadband connections as on today also. 



\28 Feb 2020 :  Welcome of Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director HR BSNL Board by SNEA  Pune

Report by Com. V.R. Chaudhari, DS SNEA Pune 

SNEA delegation led by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH and consisting Com. S.P.Sonawane CWC Member, SNEA MH , Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South SNEA MH, Com. V.R. Chaudhari, DS SNEA Pune, Com. R. A. Londhe, DP SNEA Pune and Com.Atual Kadam, ADS SNEA Pune gave warm welcome to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director HR BSNL Board  on his official visit to Pune  17/02/2020.

- After meeting of senior officers and Press Conference, special meeting was granted to leaders of all associations and SNEA leaders took very active part in it. The meeting was held in presence of Shri. Sandip Savarkar, PGMT Pune and Shri A. N. Dhanorkar, PGM Admn Pune.

- A warm welcome by all the Officers, Staff, Association and union leaders from Pune SSA was given to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar Director HR BSNL.

- The details of discussions and response from Director HR is as follows.  

1.     Action plan for Restructuring and Outsourcing: We informed that there is an acute shortage of manpower in the field at all levels and immediate restructuring of staff is required. Also, many of the tenders are not yet finalized for carrying out various important activities in the field. Director HR informed that he will immediately do the needful so that bare minimum staff will be justified in all units.

2.     Promotion to Executives: Delegation demanded that considering the vacancy at all levels in post VRS scenario, promotions at all levels to be carried out. Director HR informed that the DE to DGM Promotion process is already completed and the orders will be issued shortly.

3.     Retention of Quarters for VRS opted employees beyond eight months: He informed the decision regarding the same will be taken in the corporate office in the meeting, as employees will have to pay full HRA for the same along with other terms and conditions. 

4.     Notices issued to ST candidates who have opted for VRS: AUAB delegation requested Director HR to take lenient view on this issue and resolve it as a one-time measure. Director HR informed that the Corporate Office has already taken a lenient view on this and all dues will be paid to those candidates who had applied for validity. He said that the Corporate office has taken decisions within the framework of law. 

5.     CGHS option for VRS optees: Its issue and benefits were also discussed. Director HR suggested to opt for CGHS facilities as BSNL is reimbursing the amount fully paid by the officials.

6.     Merger of Civil, Electrical and Architecture wing with Telecom wing: We discussed the issue of Merger of Civil, Electrical and Architecture wing with Telecom wing .Director HR informed that after discussion with concerned unit’s decision will be taken.

7.     Payment of dues to VRS optees in time bound manner: Director HR gave the time schedule of payment of all the dues such as pension, Ex-Gratia, Leave encashment with details.

a.       Implementation of VRS opted by 78569 staff.

b.       Payment of Ex Gratia timely, first installment by 31st March 2020 and the second by 30th June 2020.

c.        Gratuity payment at completion of 60 Years or on 1st February 2025 whichever is earlier. Interest will be paid @GPF rate. 

d.      Start of Provisional pension with effect from February end.

e.        Leave encashment to be paid by BSNL in the first week of March 2020.

f.         GPF payment to be paid immediately.

g.       Allotment of 4G Spectrum for which work to be started for 50, 000 nodes by May 2020 and actual services by October 2020.

h.       BA mergers to minimize the expenditures.

i.         Monetization of Land assets to generate revenue of 1000 Cr per month and a target of 20,000 Cr from 11 land parcels. The current liability of BSNL is 24,000 Cr. 

j.          Issue of sovereign Guarantee Bonds with effect from April 2020.

k.       Merger of BSNL and MTNL in future.        

8.     Issues in Pune SSA:

a.     The issue of Internet speed due to frequent Failure of WTR backbone links between Mumbai and Pune: Customers of ILL, FTTH, Broadband, and mobile data are facing speed issues constantly over a period of time. It was suggested that an additional route to IGW Bangalore, to be made available. This would give an alternate route in case of failure of IGW links between Pune to Mumbai. Director HR informed that he has spoken to the CGM, BBNW and discussed the same to resolve this issue on priority. 

b.    Issues of CSC in Pune: Issues of CSC and authorization for outsourced franchisee were discussed.

c.      Difficulty in payments towards Momento & Shawl for the felicitation of VRS optees: Director HR called GM (F) in corporate office and clarified the same with PGMT Pune and the difficulty in procurement due to financial constraint was resolved. It was informed that procurement of material through e-gov is not a problem as funds are available now. The SSA and Circle can procure it and the official retirement can be conducted shortly.

Meeting was very fruitful and DIR HR was very positive as he analyzed each problem in depth and assured us to resolve the same. He also appealed to AUAB leaders to talk to willing VRS optees to come forward for completion of pension work, as it is time bound work. 

In the morning meeting of senior officers was addressed by Director HR and in afternoon, he addressed Press Conference to make the public and customers aware of BSNL revival and maintain BSNL brand-image, Director HR addressed a press conference. It had a positive response from media persons in which Director HR replied very positively regarding Revival and turnaround of BSNL.A wide coverage in all popular daily news was also given regarding revival of BSNL.

·        Media Coverage of Press Conference by Director HR  <<<>>>    <<<>>>    <<<>>>    <<<>>>



\24 Feb 2020 : 

Hunger Strike by AUAB at all levels on 24-02-2020


1. Immediate payment of salary for the month  January 2020 as well as timely payment of salary every month.

2. Immediate clearance of the dues already deducted from the salaries of employees.

3. Immediate launching of 4G services by BSNL.

4. Immediately issue sovereign bonds for Rs 15000 Cr, the financial support approved by the Union cabinet.

5. Immediate withdrawal of notices issued under FR 17 (A).

6. No whimsical transfer of employees on the pretext of restructuring.

All are requested to make it a grand success in co-ordination with AUAB.

Venue –

O/o The PGMT,

Shahu College Road, Pune

Timing – 11.00 am to 4 pm


Republic Day 2020