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18 Nov 2022 : Congratulations on AGM Promotions :

Congratulations to each and every executives to get long awaited SDE to DE/AGM promotions.

It is victory of team SNEA after election of new CHQ unanimously at vizag.

It is the outcome of visionary leadership of comrade GS Shri M S Adsul Ji.

Heartiest Congratulations again.



07 Nov 2022 : Landmark & historical Judgement by the Hon SC on EPS 95: 

Honorable Supreme Court has delivered the judgement in the EPS batch cases on 04/11/2022. The Courts have allowed the Writ Petitions and dismissed appeal by the EPFO and Government of India. 

<<<Copy of Judgement >>

A Bench comprising Justice Uday Umesh Lalit, Chief Justice of India, Justice Aniruddha Bose, and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia have allowed the appeal of the Employees Provident Fund Organisation and the Union government challenging the judgements of the High Courts of Kerala, Rajasthan, and Delhi, which had quashed the EPS Amendment of 2014.

After completion of hearing on 11/08/2022, the Honorable Court has reserved the judgement and pronounced it on 04/11/2022.

This landmark judgement is the achievement of continuous efforts on platform of NCOA (National Confederation of Officer Associations) and has given great relief to BSNL recruited Executives as well as Non executives.

SNEA was continuously pursuing EPF 95 issue as major constituent of NCOA, the applicant in this case decided by the Hon Supreme Court. SNEA funded for this case fought by NCOA and as a Prominent constituent of NCOA, judgement is directly applicable for SNEA members.

This case has 700 plus applicants from various Central and State PSUs and NCOA. Today, the efforts of SNEA on the platform of NCOA yielded results in favour of the BSNL recruited Executives.

With this achievement and justice through the Supreme Court now the higher pension option will be available to all BSNL Recruited Executives and Non-Executives and crores of the EPFO Members.

In Kerala High Court, the prayer by some individuals from BSNL was only to extend the order already passed by the high Court in an earlier judgement obtained in the cases filed by Milma, ITI, NHL, HMT employees and Hon. HC allowed it even though they are not a party in the Supreme Court.

The real fight was in the Supreme Court and this battle has been successfully taken care of by NCOA and many other Unions/Associations of Central & State PSUs.

Among all Associations/Unions in BSNL, SNEA is the only association which is a party in this case finally decided by Supreme Court vide Writ Petition (C) No 1134 of 2018 through NCOA. There are about 68 cases all tagged together concerning EPS 95 Higher Pension issue.

Com. K. Sebastin, Ex GS SNEA has taken up this important issue related to BSNL recruited Executives as major constituent of NCOA and continuously extended required financial support to NCOA led by Shri. V.K. Tomar, SG NCOA and Shri Ashok Rao, Ex-President NCOA. SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all these stalwart leaders for their initiatives and persuasion till getting this result.

SNEA CHQ congratulates all the EPF Account Holders in general and SNEA members in particular for their victory in getting this long pending issue settled in their favour.

Highlights of the judgement: This judgement needs detailed analysis and team SNEA is on job. But we have consolidated the following important points of this historical judgement.

·   The Court held that the Pensioners right to receive enhanced pension is constitutionally and legally protected and guaranteed.

· Before Amendment of 2014 they had the right to receive enhanced pension in exercise of option under paragraph 11 (3) and post Amendment they will continue to have the right to exercise joint option under paragraph 11(4) of the EPS Scheme

·    The cut of date imposed in the 2014 Amendment and Circulars are illegal and bad in law. Hence any member of the Pension Scheme can exercise their option without reference of cut off date during his membership tenure.

· There is no difference between Exempted and unexempted establishments for the purpose of Pension and enhanced pension extension.

·   All Members who continue in service after 2014 are given an extension of four months to exercise their joint option to enable the same to be processed by the EPFO.

·    Locus of EPO to maintain the SLP will be decided later by the Court.

·     The Court has granted Moratorium on quashing of the 2014 Amendment till the next 6 months to enable EPFO to do necessary computation and request refund of Provident fund amount from the pensioners who seek enhanced pension.  

·  Also, the court has given four months to employees who could not enroll in the scheme and are entitled to do so.

· Though this Historical judgement will give full pension benefit to all BSNL employees joined prior to the cut-off date of 2014 but did not give relief to the employees retired before 2014. In BSNL there will be a rare case of pensioners who retired before 2014 and are members of EPFO.

·   All Pensioners who retired before 2014 Amendment without exercising their joint option will not be eligible for enhanced pension as they exited the Pension Scheme without giving the option.

· All Pensioners who retired before 2014 the Amendment after exercising their option to receive a higher pension but the same being rejected or unprocessed will be entitled to receive higher pension.

· All pensioners who retired prior to 2014 without exercising joint option to consider moving appropriate Application/Writ Petition before the Honorable Supreme Court will get the benefits extended as has been given to others and SNEA is ascertaining its possibilities through NCOA.

These are some important points and this judgement needs detailed study from all angles and aspects and matter will be clear only when EPFO issues the guidelines based on this judgement.

SNEA will continue to pursue through NCOA to get the guidelines issued from EPFO at the earliest & its implementation in BSNL and to settle the unresolved issues if any.  




29 Oct 2022 :  Motivational training under Customer/ Citizen Centricity Program under mission Karmayogi :

GM Tech ALTTC Ghaziabad writes to all CGMs to conduct the Motivational training under Customer/ Citizen Centricity Program under mission Karmayogi.  Copy <<<>>

This training will be conducted by Master trainers of Training Centers to 7400 frontline staff of BSNL and will be conducted at all BA level offices throughout India w.e.f. 31/10/2022. 


Happy Diwali (1)


15 Oct 2022 :  Update on SDE to AGM/EEs Promotions in Electrical Wing: 

When the SDE to AGM promotions in all other wings are held up due to different court cases, there is no hurdle in SDE to AGM Promotions in Electrical wing. SNEA CHQ has taken up issues with Director HR and CMD BSNL and both have responded very positively and issued clear directions for going ahead with AGM Promotions in Electrical wing.

We have discussed this issue with CGM EW BSNL CO and he has informed us that his office is ready for promotions since long and only action is required from the Pers section. Rather on our repeated persuasion and information that Dir HR and CMD BSNL have issued directions for issuing promotions, he was annoyed and responded that SNEA is repeatedly telling that the process will be started but nothing happened on the proposal he has sent to the Personal section long back.

Then, we discussed these issues and a proposal by the office of CGM EW for EE/AGM promotions with GM Pers and he also informed us that the matter is under consideration. But when we discussed with DGM Pers DPC, he informed that there are issues as clarification sought from DoT on PwBD reservation related issues is awaited.  We have confirmed from CGM EW and further informed to Pers Section that there is no SDE in the Electrical wing who is under PwBD category and who will be deprived from the EE/AGM promotions in this list. But till no further course of action was taken.

Accordingly, SNEA CHQ has once again taken up this issue with Director HR BSNL Board on 13/10/2022 and elaborated to him about no action taken by Pers Section as waiting for clarification from DoT on PwBD. We requested early issuance of promotion orders and we should not wait for any hurdle in it as seen in AGM promotions in other wings. Director HR was kind enough to understand the genuineness of request by SNEA and issued directions to GM Pers to expedite the process and see that orders for SDE to AGM Promotions of Electrical wing are issued by end of coming week.  

Accordingly, suitable action is being taken by Pers Section BSNL CO and we are hopeful that about 56 SDEs in Electrical wing will be promoted as EE/AGM Electrical by the coming week.

This will create post for promotion of JTO to SDE and during our last discussions, CGM EW has informed that on issuing EE/AGM promotions his office will take immediate action for JTO to SDE promotions in Electrical wing and final call on it is to be taken by Pers Section. Let us hope for the best.


15 Oct 2022 :  Update on SDE to AGM Promotions in Telecom Wing: 

After vacation of stay at CAT Jabalpur, the hopes for releasing AGM promotion orders for Telecom wing are increased and many SDEs aspirant of AGM Promotions are making queries on further course of action by BSNL Management in issuing Promotion Orders as Double bench of CAT Kolkata has given green signal for consideration of representation of the applicant in CAT Kolkata and directed BSNL to look into it by ascertaining possibilities of promotions. This order has mentioned nothing clear about vacation of stay granted by the Single Bench of Court.  

Meantime BSNL has filed an Application in CAT Kolkata conveying its difficulties to follow the directions issued by Single bench of CAT Kolkata for revising the seniority list and issuing speaking order thereof. Associations have taken up matter with CMD BSNL for issuing AGM promotion Orders as per directions of Double Bench of CAT Kolkata so that at least SDEs in list 8 are promoted as AGMs. But as the matter was not clear, BSNL Management has decided and called for legal advice from senior lawyers and the same has been received this week.

Though legal opinions are not made public, it is informed that the legal opinions are against going ahead with AGM promotions for any list before vacation of stay by CAT Kolkata. The reasons sites for same are the application of BSNL is pending in CAT Kolkata for vacation of stay granted by Single Bench, Double Bench has not mentioned about vacation of stay by single Bench, for issuing promotions of list 8 SDEs, the operation of list 9 to 11 is must to meet reservation requirement, nothing is said about operation of these lists partially as required to go ahead with promotions for list 8 SDEs as directed by Double Bench etc. If it is decided to withdraw the application of BSNL, the CAT Kolkata is having vacation up to 27/10/2022 and its possibility is also nil. The matter can be heard in a special bench for emergency cases on three different days during vacation period, but full justification of urgency is required and some efforts in these directions could not succeed.

Meantime it is understood that some individual applicants who will be affected by the orders of CAT Kolkata have filed application in CAT Kolkata to put their stand for not revision of seniority as directed by single bench CAT Kolkata and same also is registered in court and will be heard along with application by BSNL.  Thus, as of now the immediate possibility of SDE to AGM Promotions for partial or full list 8 is less and the matter of SDE to AGM promotions will be decided as whole after re-opening of CAT Kolkata on 27/10/2022 and date of listing of BSNL application for hearing.

Some SDEs aspirant of AGM promotions are having and creating doubts on the intention of Management and persuasion by Associations at different levels for going ahead with the SDE to AGM promotions. But we will like to clear that as of today, Management as well as leaders of all Associations are in favour of issuing Promotion orders and working in these directions and only particular group of SDEs is not happy with the process and approaching court of law for justice and stressing for staying the ongoing AGM promotions.

There is nothing wrong in approaching the Court of law for justice but approaching with intention of halting the process of ongoing Promotions by submitting partial information to Courts is not a healthy sign for progress of executives in BSNL.

Earlier there was reluctance on the part of BSNL management in issuing the AGM promotion orders and now when BSNL management is ready and now our own executives are making all out efforts to stay promotions. Any direction by any court will not give immediate benefits to affected SDEs and the real benefits will be during the next promotion as DGMs for which minimum service of Four years as on 1st January of that year is required. This counting of eligibility of service is only possible once these SDEs are promoted as regular AGMs.

Be assured that once the stay of CAT Kolkata is vacated the process of Promotions will be started immediately and all SDEs aspirants for AGM promotions will be given consideration and this court stay and halting ongoing process of AGM Promotions will not yield any positive results but will delay the overall AGM promotions.

Many of these SDEs have faced this as SDE promotions and it has not benefited any SDE by any means but it has delayed the promotions of all for years together and the same will continue in these AGM Promotions, if we do not learn from the past.

SNEA CHQ appreciates the patience of all SDEs from list 8 to list 13 aspirants of AGM promotions and appeals to all of them to have some more patience. Please do not create any further hurdle by asking for staying ongoing promotions by getting directions from any court as this will delay promotions of all including applicants and others who are extending financial support for the court matters for staying the promotion process, but allowing promotions will surely help all in step by step manner. Let us hope for best.



07 Oct 2022 :  IDA Increase

Dept. of Public Enterprise GOI, issued orders for an increase in IDA by 5% and revised total IDA to be 195.8% w.e.f. 01/10/2022. Copy <<<>>


Happy Dasara 5 Oct 22

28 Sept 2022 : 

AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders of SDEs to different Zonal Circles as per applications called and scrutinized by ALTTC Circle before few months. Copy <<<>>

The interviews and selection of these Executives was done long back by calling options but orders were not issued. SNEA CHQ has discussed this issue in our different meetings with Director HR including the last meeting held on 27/09/2022 and he has firmly assured for issuing orders this time.

SNEA CHQ conveys thanks and gratitude to Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar ji Director HR BSNL Board, Shri. S. N. Gupta, GM Pers BSNL CO and other officers in Pers Section, ALTTC for considering the options and requests and finally issuing transfer orders.



28 Sept 2022 :   

AGM Elect BSNL CO circulated Seniority list of AGM/EE Elect as on 01.02.2020 inviting errors/ omissions/ discrepancies, if any, by 22.08.2022. Copy <<<>>

This purified data and updated list will be used for issuing AGM/EE to SE/DGM promotions in coming days to fill vacant post of SE/DGM Electrical all over India. 




26 Sept 2022 :  Court Case at CAT Jabalpur : 

As scheduled the hearing in Court Case at CAT Jabalpur on SDE to AGM Telecom Promotions took place today i.e. 26/09/2022 and after hearing all sides the case is adjourned for today and posted immediately after a day i.e. on Wednesday, 28/09/2022. 





16 Sept 2022 :  Special LICE 2022  JEs to JTO (T) :

AGM Rect BSNL CO notifies Special LICE 2022 for promotions JEs to the grade of JTO (T) on Pan India basis for vacancy year 2021 under diverted 50% DR quota for vacancies up to 31/12/2021. Copy <<<>>



15 Sept 2022 :  Court Case at CAT Jabalpur: 

Court Case at CAT Jabalpur on SDE to AGM Telecom Promotions, which was not heard on 14/09/2022 and posted to hear on 15/09/2022, could not be heard due to non-availability of bench. Accordingly all cases listed in CAT Jabalpur on 15/09/2022 including this case on SDE to AGM Promotions is adjourned till end of this week. Now next hearing of this case is scheduled on 26/09/2022. Except Petitioner, all other parties including BSNL will be requesting Hon CAT Jabalpur for preponement of date. Let us hope for the best.


06 Sept 2022 :  IPMS 2.0 :

AGM Restg BSNL CO issued letter for extension of date for submission of online IPMS 2.0 for executives for month of Aug/Sep 22 from 05/09/2022 to 12/09/2022.

<<<Copy >>


31 Aug 2022 :  LICE JTO Results :

Heartiest congratulations to all LICE JTO passed comrades of Maharashtra.


<<<LICE JTOT 07 08 2022  ANNEXURE-B>>>


30 Aug 2022 :  Status of SDE to AGM Promotions : 

The proposal by DPC-Pers section for approval of SDE to AGM promotion order was approved by CMD BSNL at late evening of Saturday 27/08/2022. Thereafter, with day night efforts by the officers in DPC and Pers section, BSNL CO for days together and specially on holidays on last Saturday and Sunday, the DPC for SDE to AGM Promotions is completed by the afternoon 29/08/2022.

The e-file was to be processed for final approval of Director HR BSNL board for issuing AGM promotions and promotion order would have been issued by late evening yesterday. But unfortunately one court case has been filed in CAT Jabalpur and even though case was not listed in the morning and BSNL advocate/ representative was not present in court, CAT Jabalpur has granted stay on SDE to AGM promotions and entire process has been kept on hold.   Copy <<<>>

By taking serious note of happenings and understanding unrest among SDEs aspirant of AGM promotions, SNEA CHQ has taken immediate action and matter has been pursued at all level. The issues were discussed with GS of other associations for pursuing possibility of issuing promotions orders as the entire process of DPC was completed. But management has stopped process as the notice was served to BSNL under acknowledgement.

GS SNEA has telephonic and personal discussions with GS SEWA BSNL by evening hours, but GS SEWA BSNL could not join us when we other GS decided to meet Director HR and CMD BSNL as by that time he left office. But GS SEWA BSNL also has firmly supported our stand to issue promotion order without delay.

Accordingly, late evening at 1930 hrsGS SNEA, GS AIGETOA, GS AIBSNLEA met Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, Director, HR BSNL Board and requested for issuing orders as entire process of DPC has been completed and formal order should be issued even though stay has been granted. Director HR responded very positively but expressed his difficulties in issuing promotion orders as though process of DPC is completed but the file was not processed and if promotion order is issued after stay by court, then it will be contempt of court.

We have elaborate discussion on other options it was firmly agreed by Director HR BSNL Board for checking possibilities of filing review petition in CAT Jabalpur or filing an appeal in High Court Jabalpur. Accordingly, Director HR BSNL Board immediately passed on instructions to GM Pers, CGM MP and GM BA Head Jabalpur.  

Apart from these legal options, the applicant will be appealed to withdraw the case as the process of MT recruitment and AGM promotions are two different processes and there is no direct relation between it. After elaborate discussions Director HR BSNL has firmly assured to take all efforts for getting stay vacated and clear hurdles if any in issuing promotion orders.

The chances of vacation of stay are more as compared to getting relief by filing review petition and accordingly the judgment will be challenged in High Court Jabalpur for vacation of stay. From the pleadings of the case and overall proceedings it is clear that the aim of this court case is to stop the process of AGM promotions and get the orders issued for GD & Interviews of MT process, before the AGM promotions are issued.

Thereafter we all three GS have requested for time from Shri. P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL who just returned from DOT meeting by 2000 hrs and was further busy in meeting of all directors of BSNL. But we all waited and CMD BSNL was kind enough to give us time to even though it was 2145 hrs in the late evening.

On our concern to issue promotions orders today itself, CMD BSNL expressed displeasure and pointed out that some of your member is approaching court of law and has stopped promotions by getting stay and now it is responsibility of association leaders to deal with it who have played or may be playing with the process of promotions. CMD BSNL expressed that the inter rivalry among the different groups and strongly oppose to MT is reason for stopping AGM promotions also. CMD BSNL added that if association leaders have shown patience and allowed management to go ahead with the process of promotions for all, there will not have been any issue. But when matter has been taken up to court, now for issuing promotion order, it is required that stay is vacated.

CMD BSNL elaborated that he has discussed details with Director HR and other senior officers and confirmed that the stay is granted without ground for staying AGM process and hence he has issued directions for proceeding for vacation of stay. CMD BSNL informed in clear words that what you are sowing, you will get same ripe in return and no need to blame anybody else for it. CMD BSNL appealed all to take serious note of happening and bring awareness among members for not approaching court on such already decided issues. CMD BSNL was confident that very shortly the stay will be vacated, but advised us that association leaders will have to think up to which level any issue is to be stretched and take corrective action in future.

As such it is clear that BSNL management is firm on getting stay vacated and issuing AGM promotions and the stay will be vacated shortly and AGM promotions which are stalled at last moment will be issued shortly. All the four associations are also pursuing for issuing early promotion orders by vacation of stay.

If required, SNEA will join in the case which is being filed by BSNL for vacating stay as thousands of its members are affected and actively join hands in vacating stay.

When others are opposing Internal MT Recruitment by tooth and nail, SNEA has openly supported and stood behind successful candidates of Internal MTs by understanding need of BSNL and mainly for opening doors of fast-track promotions to BSNL’s own talent. But it does not mean that some of the MT candidates are given free hand to play politics and play with sentiments of other thousands of aspirants of AGM promotions and stop the promotions of SDEs who are waiting for their turn since 2018.  

We are also aware that some similar cases are being planned by some group of executives and BSNL management is taking care of all such cases by taking required action so that AGM promotions are not further held up in litigation.

SNEA condemns such selfish and hopeless attitude of creating hurdles in the way of promotion of other executives by managing stay at last moment of AGM DPC process and spoiling long awaited happiness of the other executives. We cannot tolerate all such nonsense attitude of fighting among each other and creating hurdles in our own promotions. SNEA promote brotherhood among executives of BSNL our aim is to move ahead with support of each other and will move ahead with it.   

SNEA also appeal the applicants in case to come out of this politics of stopping SDE to AGM Promotions and withdraw the case and not to approach any other court for stopping any other promotion process for expediating their promotions otherwise SNEA will have to think over its stand to support MTs. If appeal of SNEA is responded positively, SNEA will continue with our stand to support Internal MT recruitment, otherwise we will have to think over it and we cannot allow anyone to play with sentiments of others.  

SNEA CHQ is well aware about deep feelings of the SDEs who are aspirants of AGM promotions and patiently waiting for their turn of AGM promotion since 2018. We are also aware that some similar cases are being planned by some group of executives and BSNL management is taking care of all such cases by taking required action so that AGM promotions are not further held up in litigation.

SNEA appeals all of them to keep patience for some more time by understanding that till now all the hurdles are overcome with keen persuasion at all levels and we are confident with firm stand and action by BSNL management this last hurdle will also be overcome in similar manner and SDE to AGM promotions for all wings and all cadres will be issued very shortly. 


24 Aug 2022 :  EPP training of Telecom wing

AGM Trg BSNL CO issued orders for postponement of EPP training of Telecom wing scheduled from Oct 2022 to March 2022 in all Training Centre of BSNL for smooth conduction of LICE passed JTOs/JEs and Karmyogi Training which are scheduled from Oct 2022.   Copy <<<>>

The executives of Telecom who are upgraded under EPP and not undergone training till will be nominated for EPP trainings batches scheduled in current Quarter which will be extended up to Oct 2022. All candidates applying for EPP Training will be accommodated in these batches.

The candidates whose 2 years of period to qualify online exam under EPP up-gradation after issue of EPP up-gradation order is falling during postponement of EPP training/ Exams from Nov 2022 to Feb 2023, shall be given suitable relaxation up to affected months, without impacting their financial upgradation benefits, by respective Cadre Controlling authorities to those who qualify the EPP up- gradation exam, after resumption of EPP training/ Exams again.




22 Aug 2022 :  SNEA Congratulates and Thanks Shri. P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL: 

{Report by Shri. Rajesh Manchan VP SNEA CHQ}: Delegation of SNEA led by Shri. Rajesh Manchan, VP SNEA CHQ, comprising Com.  P. P. Rao, Former AGS HQ, Shri. Jagadish Rout, CS SNEA Odisha Circle, Shri. Anil Kumar Koul, CS SNEA J&K Circle, Shri. B. M. Das, DS SNEA Balasore, Odisha, Shri. Pravin Parihar, Former DS SNEA Bhandara, MH, Shri. Kapil A. Bhoyar, OS SNEA Nagpur MH and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA had a special meeting with Shri. P.K. Purwar ji CMD BSNL at 1100 Hrs on 11/08/2022 at BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi.

SNEA Delegation specially congratulated CMD BSNL with a bouquet and conveyed thanks and gratitude for his devoted efforts in getting support from the Government of India through Revival Package 2.0.

In reciprocation, CMD BSNL expressed that these are not efforts of him alone and these are team efforts by all.  He categorically mentioned the role of Secretary DoT and different officers in DoT in finalizing and moving ahead this proposal to extend support to BSNL. CMD BSNL specifically mentioned the active and leading role of Hon. MoC Shri. Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji and his to depth involvement in the entire process starting from drafting the proposal and looking into each and every aspect of the proposal, then further pursuing it in cabinet and final concurrence of Hon. Prime Minister of India for this excellent support through Revival Package 2.0.  CMD BSNL elaborated the activities done since last one year in drafting and finalizing this proposal.

CMD BSNL stressed that this proposal is approved due to improved performance of BSNL over the last two-three years and gave credit to workforce of BSNL for same. CMD BSNL narrated those three points helped us in getting support from GOI in the form of Revival Package 2.0 i.e. First BSNL has reduced its expenditure on operations, Second BSNL has shown Operational Profit over last two years and third is even after mass VRS in BSNL the left-out workforce of BSNL has taken responsibility of works of VRS opted and there no direct impact on telecom services of BSNL rather performance during critical period of Pandemic has been appreciated by all. Thus, the performance of BSNL has been remarkable in the absence of even 4G. The addition of FTTH Connections @ one lakh per month with the help of BSNL partners on revenue sharing basis has contributed to growth of BSNL and reduced direct expenditure on Mtce works which is rightly recognized by DoT and GOI. He specially appreciated the role of BSNL workforce giving their best to BSNL except few who also will have to come forward and give their best to BSNL.

CMD BSNL conveyed that the response from the office of PMO is so positive that whatever was asked by BSNL has been agreed and approved and if anything is not given means it is not demanded by BSNL. He appreciated this very liberal approach and total support by GoI and he was very optimistic that similar support will continue if BSNL continues to perform in a better way. He added that coming one year is important and if we could deliver 80% of the targets assigned to BSNL by Hon. MoC, each and every demand of BSNL will be taken care of and he will be at the forefront to get these demands settled.

CMD BSNL appealed that for the coming one and half year let us keep all HR demands aside and focus on implementation of projects by improvement and expansion of services in the time bound manner. CMD BSNL elaborated the roadmap to the success of the company and appealed that all should work in tandem to bring the company back to its pristine glory.

CMD BSNL emphasized on need of skill development among the executives and non-executives in BSNL and under revival package, Skill development training will be arranged for all executives and non-executives depending on requirement in filed units. CMD BSNL also informed that there is need of more punctuality among all executives and non-executives in BSNL and their attendance will be marked strictly in new system of attendance and it will be applicable for all.

CMD BSNL added that now BSNL has everything except 4G and attitude.  He made it clear that 4G is not in our hands but our attitude is in our hands and we will have to give our best. In conclusion of a brief on revival package. CMD BSNL reiterated the need to improve the performance of network, equipment and attitude of certain employees so that revival of BSNL will happen as envisaged by the government while offering the package.

After briefing by CMD BSNL on the revival package and related issues we have detailed discussions on the following points.

“Perform or Perish” OR “Perform and Flourish”: We brought it to notice of CMD BSNL that the address of Hon. MOC in HOCC meeting is being used for creating unwanted pressure on the workforce of BSNL by few CGMs/GMs by pointing only on Perform or Perish and neglecting all other positive points. We highlighted the facts that out of a very positive speech of Hon. MOC, media made headlines only on “Perform or Perish” and none of his other positive points in address to HOCC are given importance.

We added that the media can do so, but some of our own GMs/ CGMs are also stressing this single point and creating fear in the minds of the BSNL workforce. Some of BA Heads have crossed limits by stating that he will remove non performers from services without waiting for any procedure. We stressed that this is an attempt by some officers to create a picture that only BSNL executives and employees are not working and they only are performing well. Otherwise these officers are throwing ball in the court of employees and executives and keeping their records updated that they are performing and do not want to come in the list of non-performers.

We added that the BSNL workforce is overall good and few are there who are not performing but these officers are not taking any efforts to make them perform. But some of GMs and CGMs are making poor attempts to project that in general all the executives and non-Executives of BSNL are Non performers and blame game has been started again.  We stressed that there is a need to accept the facts/realities and make sincere efforts to understand the issues faced by the BSNL workforce and work in team spirit to overcome these issues and problems. We reiterated that if BSNL senior officers continue in the same red tape method by writing letters threatening to below line officers then similar actions will be reciprocated by below level officers by writing letters giving real facts and problems in field units and asking for its resolution.

We added that when no funds are provided and even our executives are compelled to make expenditure for flag hoisting on Independence Day from their pockets due to lack of approval of temporary advance, then how these Circle/BA Heads are writing threatening letters needs to be ascertained. We stressed that there is a need to build team spirit and confidence among the workforce to execute such huge projects which have been started by many of BA/Circle Heads, but some are only focusing on Perform or Perish and wasting their time in creating fear in the mind. We added that this is the reason for unrest among executives and non-executives of BSNL. We handed over the copy of letter written by SNEA on this subject and requested CMD BSNL to look into unwanted issues being created by certain officers and give directions to all to create team spirit and support field units by active support at all levels. Copy <<<>>

We specifically requested CMD BSNL that with such a huge package and support by the Government of India, BSNL should have the slogan “Perform and Flourish” and not “Perform or Perish” as is being projected now. We narrated that for BSNL executives, the action under 56 J against non-performance is not new and it has been used for the last many years as per directives of GOI. We made it clear that we also have no objection if any practically non performer is taken to the task and made to perish from BSNL. But we have an objection on counting/ measuring performance of individuals without extending supporting hand by providing store material, equipments and minimum required financial support to meet the network requirement.

We narrated that soldiers cannot fight without weapons and if compelled to fight without weapons, failure is damn sure. We added that once support is extended by BSNL in updating the network and infrastructure, everyone in BSNL will Perform and Flourish and BSNL will also Flourish. We added that if anyone is not performing even after full support is extended to him/her then he/she needs to perish and there is no second opinion about it as he /she is causing damage to others.  CMD BSNL informed that he is aware of the facts and the Perform or Perish is not applicable for performers, but it is applicable only for non-performers after extending required support. In conclusion, CMD BSNL assured that there will be immediate steps taken for extending support to field units and his office will surely take corrective action as per feedback from CGMs and will extend every support as required by field units and within two to four months there will be much changes in support extended to field units and it will be practically visible.

Taking issues of field units and its timely resolution: We pointed out that there are many issues faced by Executives working in field units and the same are not coming to notice of BSNL management and field unit executives are under pressure. We added that as association we feel that there is need of immediate attention on such issues and if required, we will bring such unresolved issues to his kind notice. CMD BSNL responded that all such issues are welcome by his office and assured to resolve such issues in the best possible manner. He appealed that association should not raise only problems but should come with alternatives and suggestions for resolving these problems and firmly assured that management will take proactive steps on all such suggestions. He directed us that before bringing issues to his notice, the association may discuss the issues with concerned Directors and if it is still not resolved, he welcomes all such issues but stressed that performance by all at all levels is must. He was optimistic that such an approach of resolution of issues is developed in BSNL and assured for every support from BSNL management.   

Need of Improvement of Network all over Circles: We have drawn attention of CMD BSNL about issues faced by the field units due to non-resolution of critical issues in field units, shortage of stores/ spares required for Mtce works and poor support by vendors and contractors in executing works and its direct impact on network of BSNL. CMD BSNL responded that there are issues in the network of BSNL which need immediate attention and he has already given directions for resolving these issues. He assured that with support extended by GoI, now the financial support required for the up gradation of network will be surely extended and within two to four months period there will be much changes in working conditions and support extended to field units. He also stressed that it is need of time that every executive makes an effort to improve the network with minimum expenditure. CMD BSNL was optimistic that with financial support extended by GoI, the stores and equipment will practically start reaching to field units within period of two months with priority to critical works and there will be much improvement in support extended to field units.

Status of 4G GSM services by BSNL: On starting 4G services by BSNL and status of indigenous equipment, CMD BSNL informed that there are certain issues which are not yet resolved and there is no progress on desirable indigenous 4G equipment as planned earlier. He further informed that there is delay in overall works and hence 4G services by BSNL will delay further. He added that issues are being monitored at a higher level and shortly there will be some reasonable progress. CMD BSNL added that these are not issues in our hands and this matter is under direct supervision of higher officers of DoT and GOI and the critical issues faced as of now will be taken care in days to come. He also mentioned that Hon. MOC is monitoring progress and was optimistic that issues will be resolved on priority and BSNL will start 4G services as early as possible, but as of today no time line can be fixed due to uncertainty on the issues. He further added that in the meantime BSNL will continue its work in making ready the infrastructure required for 4G services by BSNL.

Procurement of Battery and Power Plant: We have once again drawn attention of CMD BSNL on the difficulties faced by the field units due to life expired Battery sets and Power plants. The downtime of the BTS is mainly due to life expired battery sets and power plants. CMD BSNL informed that the matter has been under active consideration of his office and the proposal for procurement of Battery sets of Rs 400 Crore is under active consideration and will be cleared within a week or two.  He also added that this Lithium battery sets are being procured which have better qualities than the VRLA battery sets. But in the overall process, it will take time of two to four months and thereafter the majority of life expired Battery Sets and Power Plants will be replaced. He advised that field units should send their requirements and be ready with an action plan for replacement of life expired Battery Sets and Power Plants immediately as and when received without keeping it in stores.

Procurement of BNGs: On network up gradation issues, CMD BSNL informed that BSNL is facing critical issues due to congestion and shortage of BNGs. He added that the BNG tender opened yesterday got a very good response. He added that he has just cleared proposal of Rs 297 Crore for procurement of BNGs and these BNGs will be available in field units in about 2-3 month and stressed that these BNGs needs to be used with proper planning and its time bound execution to improve Network to meet present requirement of Network.

Procurement of OFC and Transmission Equipment:  We have also narrated the issues in Transmission media and impact on growth of BSNL services. CMD BSNL narrated that the same also is being taken care of and the process for procurement of 15000 Kms of OFC has started and very shortly the OFC will be available in field units. He also added that procurement of OTN and CPAN and related equipment is also under process and the present crisis faced by field units due to shortage of Transmission equipment will be resolved to better extent in coming days. He added that the issues will be further taken care of as per suggestions and requirements of field units as BSNL is getting good amount for improvement of Transmission Network and it is need of time that we have to use this amount optimistically and in best possible manner for optimum utilization.

Grant of funds for Pending Temporary Advances: We reminded CMD BSNL that in our last discussions, we have pointed out about the pending Temporary advances which are not sanctioned for want of funds and all these advances are duly recommended by BA Heads and Circles have requested for funds. We stressed that there is a need for immediate sanction of temporary advances as many of the executives have paid this expense from their pockets and are not in position to pay further from pocket. CMD BSNL once again assured to issue directions to concerned officers to clear all the payments of pending Temporary advances in ERP all Circles. 

Overall promotional Prospectus of Executives in BSNL: Association expressed that when BSNL management is doing so much on the development front, there is a need of certain actions for improvement on the HR front. We stressed that as of today Executives in BSNL are under depression due to non-settlement of majority of HR issues and even issues not involving financial support also are not given consideration. We narrated that except JTO to SDE promotions that to be before one year, none of promotions are taken care of and many posts of SDE/AO, AGM/CAOs/EEs, DGMs in all wings are vacant. We also added that BSNL is not following the calendar for filling vacant posts by conducting DPC and LDCE Exams and there is need of much serious efforts. We stressed that as of today when nothing involving financial implication is possible in BSNL, but there is no financial implication on promotions and there should not be any issue in filling all vacant posts in all wings by promotions. 

CMD BSNL responded that he is not against any promotions, rather he will be most happy if all the executives are promoted and motivated to meet the challenges in front of BSNL. But certain issues are created by dragging issues in court cases and complaints and hence even though management is willing to issue promotion orders, but it is not possible for many cadres and wings. But he added that management has intention to promote all executives and special efforts are being made for introduction of fast-track promotions for executives in BSNL. 

CMD BSNL added that till this mechanism of fast-track promotions is finalized, the present procedure of promotions through DPC will be given effect so that unrest is given way to a better extent. He added that efforts are already being made for AGM promotions starting with Telecom wing and further efforts will be taken to fill up all vacant posts including the AGM promotions and posts of AGMs which will be vacant after DGM promotions. CMD BSNL appealed that let this process start with AGM promotions and thereafter in similar lines promotions to fill up all vacant posts will be taken care of.

Promotion from SDE to AGM: We narrated that there is much unrest among SDEs aspirant of AGM Promotions and even though matter is discussed and pursued since May 2022, nothing concrete has been seen in the form of any promotion order. We added that some groups are spreading nonfactual news/ information and creating further unrest among the SDEs aspirants for AGM promotions. We further requested CMD BSNL for issuing promotion order from SDE to AGM without further delay as this has been abnormally delayed even after the matter has been principally decided by him before three-four weeks. CMD BSNL updated that as discussed in the last meeting the team of BSNL has visited DoPT and accordingly BSNL has sent request for clarification and said clarification is delayed due to holidays and is expected in coming week and Pers Section is taking care of other works related to AGM promotions. CMD BSNL was optimistic that if there are no further issues created by anyone, the AGM promotions will be issued before the end of August 2022.

Future of Internal MT Exam conducted by BSNL: On a query regarding MT recruitment based on recently published internal MT exam results, CMD replied that meritorious executives will be given career advancement in a fast-track manner so that the employee and company will be benefited. He pointed out that MT is one of the attempts to promote internal talent of BSNL in a fast-track manner. There are certain issues with the further process of MT and his office is taking care of it. We have brought it to notice of CMD BSNL that there is unrest among the successful MT candidates as many news are being spread that the ongoing process of MT is being scrapped by BSNL Management with intervention and directions of Hon. MoC GOI. CMD BSNL informed that no assurance has been given to anyone to stop the process of internal MT recruitment and he has not received any directions from the office of Hon. MOC to stop the ongoing Internal MT Process. CMD BSNL stressed that there is a need to explore the talent within BSNL and by reviewing issues faced in the ongoing process of Internal MT, matter will be decided shortly. CMD BSNL stressed that BSNL has to be ready with its own management at least by 2027 as per approval of GoI and hence such proactive actions are required on part of BSNL. 

On fear among BSNL executives about recruitment of External MT, CMD BSNL informed that as of now there is no proposal for recruitment of External MTs and matter will be reviewed from time to time. We narrated that, SNEA opposes the External MT as there is ample talent within the BSNL and this talent should be given opportunity to lead at Management level and BSNL can a get good number of executives for management level among them. CMD BSNL responded that the matter will be suitably reviewed and informed in clear words that at present there is no proposal to start the process for External MT and the matter of ongoing process of Internal MT will be taken care of in days to come.

Deployment of ITS Officers in BSNL: We have drawn attention of CMD BSNL about the letter from DoT and news of additional deputation of 560 ITS Officers in BSNL against reduced restructuring Norms causing heavy financial burden on BSNL. CMD BSNL informed that these 560 will not be additional officers to be posted to BSNL but this figure is inclusive of the ITS Officers already working in on deputation in BSNL, BBNL and MTNL i.e. 373 ITS officers in BSNL, 47 in MTNL and 112 in BBNL.  He added that there may be addition of very few i.e. about 20 to 30 to fill up vacant posts of BA/Vertical heads in different Circles. Out of total 158 BAs in BSNL 28 are not having regular heads and posts of some of vertical heads are also vacant. The figure approved for deputation of total 560 ITS officers is well within the sanctioned posts of GMs/PGMs in BSNL, BBNL and MTNL. This is mainly an extension of the deputation period which is over and during this period BSNL has to get ready with its management. 

CMD BSNL elaborated that the figure of deputed GM and above level officers is well within the sanctioned posts and there will not be any excess officer posting. We have drawn attention of CMD BSNL that many of the ITS Officers are unwilling to continue or join BSNL on deputation and some of them have also approached the court of law. We requested that ITS officers unwilling to continue in BSNL should be allowed to go back to DoT and there should not be a compulsion to unwilling ITS officers to join BSNL.  CMD BSNL responded that BSNL is not deciding this issue and this issue is to be decided by DoT and now DoT also has constituted three-member Committee chaired by Member (Services) DoT of which CMD BSNL is member for finalizing posting of ITS officers in BSNL and the decision on posting of any ITS officer in BSNL and MTNL will be taken by this committee. CMD BSNL added that BSNL requires performing management and the GoI is also thinking in the same line and hence a screening mechanism is devised for entry of ITS officers in BSNL/MTNL. 

With classic examples, we categorically brought to notice of CMD BSNL that in place of one justified posts of GM level Officer, two officers are posted and this new posting is done after VRS, which makes it clear that priority is given to interest of individual and not to the interest of the BSNL. We also added that there are some BA Head posts that are vacant for months/years together, but at some places more than justified BA/Vertical Heads are posted and working since before VRS. CMD BSNL informed that this matter is being reviewed and GM level Officers will be posted at BA level and Vertical Heads and no one will be posted as OA Head which will be managed by DGM level officers. He also assured that the GM level officers posted more than the justified strength will be shifted in the coming review of posting of BA Heads. 

We also emphasized that many GM level officers are rotated at regular intervals but some are continued at the same place for years together. CMD BSNL informed that this issue will be reviewed while further posting of officers and if any officer is continuing beyond prescribed norms of posting at any BA/Circle, the same will be taken care. In conclusion CMD BSNL categorically mentioned that now performance will be reviewed regularly as per prescribed norms and everyone has to perform and if BA Head perform then only his team can perform and hence entire focus will be kept on performance of BA Heads.

Time Bound Promotions for Executives in BSNL: We have drawn attention of CMD BSNL towards demand for more posts of AGMs in the recent past and stand of management to fill up only vacant posts. We requested CMD BSNL for restoring Time Bound Promotions for executives in BSNL to overcome all the problems faced due to vacancy and different court matters and complaints thereof. We have reminded that DoT also has written BSNL to review the Time Bound Promotions after the VRS scenario. We specially added that after VRS, the need of Time Bound policy for replacing existing posts based policy is a need of time otherwise there will not be any promotion in BSNL in coming days.  

CMD BSNL informed that management is working on fast track promotion for BSNL executives and matter will be decided shortly. We requested that fast track promotions may be there but there is a need to continue the existing time Bound non-functional promotions as functional promotions. The present proposal moved by management for promotion after completion of 12 years and that to be on Adhoc basis is against the assurances of five time bound promotions for executives in BSNL. We stressed that if management wants to review this policy, we do not have any issue and our only concern is to give promotions in a time bound manner of Five years and whatever promotion it should be regular and not Adhoc. We also stressed that there should not be any bar of promotions at any level on the name of educational qualification and all executives in the feeding cadre should be promoted without any such biased division at a later stage.  We requested to discuss the issues in depth with this association before moving with the present proposal of review of RRs with eligibility criteria of minimum 12 years service and that to be Adhoc. CMD BSNL reiterated that management will go ahead with its aim to promote the executives in a fast track manner and implementation of Time Bound Functional Promotions will be difficult and directed us to discuss this issue with Director HR.  

Implementation of Standard Pay Scales in BSNL: We narrated that when BSNL is getting this much funds and projects from the Government of India, there these projects and works are to be implemented in BSNL by the executives at JTO/JAO, SDE/AO level. But these executives are facing losses of 10 to 15 thousand per month and there is an immediate need of addressing this issue. CMD BSNL replied that by analyzing the issues he is of the opinion that this issue has been closed by DoT and the association should not insist for it. 

We narrated how the issue can be closed with misleading clarification by DoT and it is an issue causing loss of thousands of rupees per month to thousands of Executives in BSNL who are working at the forefront for BSNL. We added that how pay scales can be lowered as directed by DoT vide presidential order which has not been implemented in BSNL over the last five years. CMD BSNL responded that the past is past and now this is not affordable to BSNL. When we insisted much, then CMD BSNL responded that such financial issues cannot be raised with DoT at this stage when we are getting financial support from DoT/GoI and practically works are not yet started. We stressed that whatever support given by DoT will be useful only if it is utilized to the full strength & capacity of BSNL and its executives. We added that when more than 50% executives in BSNL are facing losses in monthly pay and working under fear of further lowering the pay scales, the desired results cannot be possible in BSNL. 

Finally, CMD BSNL agreed to the concern expressed by association and added that such issues cannot be raised during the current scenario wherein the chances of positive response from DoT and GOI may be less and matter can be reviewed after some good performance of BSNL in coming one or two years. We responded that DoT has conveyed in April 2022 that the revised request of BSNL for higher standard pay scales is not accepted and rejected and if BSNL will not respond at this stage this issue will be dead and closed forever. This will be lifetime reduction in salary of BSNL executives who have joined BSNL with very high qualifications like GATE/CA etc and hence there is need of immediate action from BSNL by replying the recent letter of DoT about Standard Pay Scales and how it is difficult to lowering Pay Scales as proposed by DoT. This response by BSNL will keep this issue alive and we as association will pursue with DoT for its administrative approval as being demanded by BSNL. After elaborate discussions, CMD BSNL assured to review the stand and respond to the letter DoT issued in April 2022 about Standard Pay Scales.   

Grant of Third PRC for BSNL:  We requested CMD BSNL about the need for settlement of demand of 3rd PRC which has been abnormally delayed as linked to profit. We have drawn the attention of CMD BSNL that it only is in BSNL that for the same work different salaries are paid on the basis of absorption and deputation. Here the absorbed senior ITS officer is getting less salary as compared to his junior who is not absorbed in BSNL and working on deputation. Same is the case with other executives and non-executives who are either recruited by BSNL or absorbed in BSNL. We added that such discrimination is reason for unrest in BSNL workforce starting from TM to CGMs and if funds allotted by GOI are to be utilised properly then there is need to settle this discrimination among the workforce of BSNL. We added that one side BSNL is compelled to provide services by bearing losses and on the other side we executives are denied the right of 3rd PRC in name of losses made by BSNL. Now GoI also has identified the strength of BSNL and recognised BSNL as a strategic PSU and extended strong financial support to BSNL. We requested CMD BSNL to use his good relations with DoT and GoI for approval of 3rd PRC for BSNL so that a new wave of energy is created among the executives and mission and targets given by GoI are achieved in given time.  

CMD BSNL responded that he agrees with concern expressed by association that 3rd PRC is a need of time and if the discussions held in the past were successful, BSNL would have got the 3rd PRC. But unfortunately the dialogue between Unions /Associations and GoI failed. Now after Covid 19, due to financial conditions it has become more difficult to get approval or even to discuss about 3rd PRC. He further added that in his opinion the only possibility of getting 3rd PRC is through performance. CMD BSNL added that if within a period of one year some progress is shown by BSNL and if we could achieve even 80% of the targets assigned in this year, then there will be no issue in getting PRC for the workforce of BSNL.

CMD BSNL stressed that if BSNL is getting a good amount of revenue by providing quality services then only the matter of PRC can be discussed by BSNL with DoT and GoI. He added that the revival package has been announced and work as per the revival package 2.0 is just starting and at this stage if the demand of 3rd PRC is raised, then it will be denied as seen in the past. CMD BSNL added that he and many senior officers who have been absorbed in BSNL are also in need of 3rd PRC, but this can be accepted if BSNL is showing some positive sign over this year.

CMD BSNL added that once we start performing as per targets assigned, then GoI will on its own, grant the 3rd PRC for BSNL and there will not be any need for any efforts by anyone else. He added that BSNL has shown EBITDA profit in the last two years and similar performance in the coming year will also strongly support this demand. CMD BSNL advised us that this is not the right time to raise this demand and it is time for showing our performance and once we show some good performance, he will be at front to support this demand. In conclusion, he assured that 3rd PRC is must for BSNL workforce and assured that he will put his word at right time and till then all should keep focus on overall growth of BSNL by utilising funds allotted by GoI under revival package and strongly support the demand of 3rd PRC by actions.    

We had elaborate discussions of about one hour on different points. The meeting which started at 1140 Hrs, concluded at 1250 Hrs.

In conclusion we once again congratulated CMD BSNL and conveyed thanks and gratitude for his efforts and assured him for total support of SNEA in the revival of BSNL. CMD BSNL appreciated the steps taken by SNEA in support of revival of BSNL and firmly assured that BSNL management will come forward by resolving the difficulties faced by field units and appealed that each and every executive of BSNL should given his best in coming two years and secure his future and bright carrier in BSNL. CMD BSNL once again pointed out that if we all at BSNL will miss this opportunity this time then there will be no second opportunity and hence everybody has to understand seriousness and act accordingly by giving his/her best.   

Photos <<<>>>




Ajadi Ka Amrut Mahostav ,

75th Independence Day.

SNEA CHQ wish one and all Happy Independence Day.



12 Aug 2022 :  Updated seniority list of EEs/AGMs in Electrical wing  : 

AGM Elect BSNL CO published updated seniority list of EEs/AGMs in Electrical wing and calls for corrections/ modifications required if any latest by 22/08/2022.   Copy <<<>>




Raksha Bandhan 2022


08 Aug 2022 :  Partial modification in facility of immunity from transfer : 

GS SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL in response to suggestions called by SR Cell on the Partial modification in facility of immunity from transfer to recognised and support Association.  Copy <<<>>



08 Aug 2022 :  Office memorandum on revival of BSNL : 

Director Projects DoT issued Office memorandum on revival of BSNL and merger of BBNL with BSNL.   Copy <<<>>




29 July 2022 :  Update on SDE to AGM Promotions : 

In continuation to discussions by SNEA CHQ with CMD BSNL in last week about issuing SDE to AGM Promotions by resolving bottleneck issues, team of very senior officers of BSNL Headed by Director HR visited DoPT for confirmation of issues pertaining to reservation in promotions.

It is understood that the team has elaborate discussions with senior officers of DoPT and got update information on the issue.  

Final call on SDE to AGM Promotions will be taken by CMD BSNL after taking review of feedback by this team.

Hopefully the matter of SDE to AGM Promotions for all wings will be decided in coming week. 


27 July 2022 :  Six Monthly OTP Request Transfers : 

Jt. GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders making changes in present Quarterly OTP Request transfers to Six Monthly OTP Request Transfers.  Copy <<<>>

As per earlier procedure the OTP requests were to be submitted on Quarterly basis and now it is modified to six monthly.

In earlier guidelines date of consideration of request was also mentioned but same is not mentioned in these revised guidelines and uncertainty in considering transfers continues as seen in the past.  

The quarterly request was good option for Executives working at All India Hard/Soft tenure stations and now these Executives will have to apply six months before completion of their Hard /Soft tenure, so that request can be consideration just before completion of Tenure. SNEA CHQ will take up matter for accepting the application before six months of completion of Tenure.

SNEA CHQ will discuss with Pers Cell for suitable options for accepting request from All India Hard/Soft Tenure Stations and request on Critical illness/Medical ground transfers which cannot wait for six months and consideration of all such requests needs to be done on priority.

The OTP window for Request to be submitted in present quarter is Open and one who want request transfer in this quarter may apply for it and from next quarter, the procedure will be operated six monthly.

The OTP Requests submitted in last year but could not be considered till today are rejected and individuals may have received SMS for same and same can be checked from ESS.  All such executives are requested for review of their request and either they should opt for any other Circle or opt for same Circle and wait for the policy which is being framed by BSNL CO for considering requests to Circles having Excess Executive strength. SNEA CHQ has requested such policy in our last meeting with Director HR and such policy is under consideration.

Till there are any suggestions in improvement of this OTP transfer policy same may be submitted to Shri. Pavitra Singh AGS HQ {Mob 9415046646} email sneaagshq@

SNEA CHQ will take up all such issues for smooth functioning of OTP Portal as well as the hardship of executives is reduced to better extent.

Let us hope that though requests will be accepted six monthly, all the requests submitted are given consideration in Uniform Policy manner and not as done on pick and choose basis during quarterly transfers. 




18 July 2022 :  5.5% Increase in IDA : 

AGM Estt BSNL CO endorsed DPE OM for 5.5 % increase in IDA for and its implementation in BSNL w.e.f. 01/07/2022. Copy <<<>>



18 July 2022 :  Retention orders : 

AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued orders for retention of Executives under Rotational transfers and who have requested for retention on grounds of VRS, Ward studying in 12th Standard and administrative grounds. Copy <<<>>

SNEA CHQ has taken up these cases as per the provisions of BSNL Transfer Policy and guidelines thereof with Director HR BSNL Board and same are given consideration now. Similar requests for retention, left out requests for Cancellation of transfers on medical grounds, reduction of total number of transfers limiting to 10% Criteria, change of Circle, corrections in Stay particulars, Weightage to Services rendered at Soft Tenure, Immunity as OB of associations etc are under active consideration and hopefully it will be given consideration in this week.



18 July 2022 :  Provisional AIEL No 6 for JAOs 2016 published: 

In continuation of the information given by SNEA CHQ, AGM Pers DPC JM BSNL CO published the Provisional All Indi eligibility list i.e. AIEL No. 6 of 1119 JAOs from batch 2016 with directions to Circles to check and confirm data from relevant service records and vide publicity among concerned JAOs. Copy <<<>>

The concerned JAOs are requested to check for correctness of data and their position in the list and submit representation about corrections/modifications required in data or seniority if any latest by to GM/DGM HR of concerned Circle latest by 25/07/2022 and Circles have to send these representations after verification of service records to SEA Cell latest by 08/08/2022.

The work for AIEL No 7 for JAOs batch 2018 is also in full swing and in similar manner AIEL No. 7 will also be published within period of fortnight. 




16 July 2022 :  Warm Welcome to newly joined members in SNEA Family: 

It is nice to see that with the devoted efforts of Activists, Districts/Circle Office Bearers, Circle Secretaries and CHQ OB, hundreds of executives all over Circles of new members are joining SNEA family all over India.

SNEA CHQ wholeheartedly welcomes the Executives who have shown faith in SNEA by filling membership form of SNEA. 

Warm Welcome to all !

Your joining in masses to the SNEA family has boosted our morale and doubled our energy as leaders of this Prestigious association known for its fighting spirit and resolution of issues by successful negotiation with management and Government.  

We firmly assure each and every member of SNEA, that SNEA 2.0 will continue its sincere and devoted efforts on resolution of the pending HR issues and issues related to growth and development of BSNL.

Though the window for changeover or withdrawal of membership is closed today, the executives who are not members of any association can fill up SNEA Membership form at any time and DS concerned has to submit it to AO concerned latest by 10th of every month.

SNEA welcomes all these executives and extending supporting SNEA and strengthening BSNL.

SNEA Zinadbad !!

Executive Unity Zindabad !!



04 July 2022 : 

Reconciliation Meeting with DyCLC New Delhi: {Report by Shri. Pavitra Singh AGS HQ) :

As per the notice issued by the DyCLC the reconciliation meeting of SNEA and BSNL Management was held at 1500 Hrs on 30/06/2022 and it was chaired by Shri. Abhijeet Kumar Dy Chief Labour Commissioner (DyCLC) New Delhi. From Management side, the meeting was attended by Mrs. Sunita Arora, DGM SR BSNL CO and Shri. Krishna Murari Ruhela, AGM SR BSNL CO. From association side the meeting was attended by Shri. M S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ, Shri. Pavitra Singh, AGS SNEA HQ and Shri. Sumit Saxena JS Central SNEA CHQ.

The discussions started from the previous discussions held in reconciliation meeting held on 04/03/2022, which was focused on settlement of two Major demands viz. Standard Pay Scales and Time Bound Promotions for executives in BSNL. At the outset, we conveyed thanks to DyCLC for kind intervention and arranging reconciliation meetings for resolution of two burning issues of BSNL executives. DyCLC asked representatives of management about the status of two demands as discussed in meeting dated 03/04/2022. DGM SR BSNL CO informed that they have given compliance vide letter No. BSNL/7-1/SR Dated 11/05/2022 addressed to associations and same is final status. {Copy <<<>>>}

When DyCLC asked exact progress and stand of the management, it was informed that settlement of both the demands is not possible and same has been conveyed to associations. DyCLC specifically asked stand of management on both the demands and DGM SR informed in clear words that stand of management is that both the demands cannot be settled. Then DyCLC asked say of SNEA on this stand of BSNL management and we have narrated that management cannot run away from the responsibility just saying not possible and has to justify its say. 

In response it was reported by DGM SR that after VRS Time Bound Promotions are not possible in BSNL and demand of E2 and E3 standard pay scales is rejected by DoT and nothing is in hands of BSNL. She also added that management is trying for giving functional and fast track promotions to executives in BSNL but nothing can be done for E2 and E3 Pay Scales to JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres in BSNL and matter is as good as closed on part of BSNL.

We have brought to the notice of DyCLC that the information submitted representatives of Management is wrong and is nonfactual and there needs to be confirmed the facts. Then as per directions of DyCLC, the discussions held on both the points separately.

On time Bound Promotions, it was reported by the management that Time Bound Promotions are not possible in BSNL in post VRS changed scenario and hence this demand cannot be accepted. She added that these officers are demanding promotions every Four years which is not possible. He added that in place of Time Bound Promotions, management is trying to give Functional promotions and new methodology of fast-track promotions is under consideration by revision of RRs. When DyCLC asked for say of the association, we have narrated that the information given is nonfactual and misleading. In last reconciliation meeting it was informed by the management that the Time Bound Promotions are not implemented as the matter is not cleared by Department of Telecom on issue of reservations in Time Bound promotions as per concern raised by some associations.

Accordingly, the DyCLC has issued directions to BSNL management to take issues with Department of Telecom for getting desired clarification by further persuasion. But, instead of asking and getting clarification on the reservation issues asked by BSNL, now DoT has issued directions to BSNL Management to review the Time Bound Promotion Policy in Post VRS restructuring norms. Then we have read out the following response of DoT word by word. {Copy <<<>>>}

“The relevant file is under submission. It is proposed to request BSNL for reconsideration of their proposal based on the present staff structure and strength post VRS and to submit the same for re-examination of BSNL Board. We added that it means the file on query raised by BSNL on issues of reservation is under submission and accordingly clarification is not yet received from DoT.

Further the directions are given for review of Time Bound policy proposal based on present staff structure and strength available post VRS. But even after two months period has bene passed, no further action has been taken by BSNL. We are pursuing for same and it was assured to look into it positively and we are repeatedly assured to resolve the issues with dialogue.

We added that on reservation issue also recently DoPT has issued guidelines on 12/04/2022 and same are endorsed by DoT and BSNL and applicable for promotions in BSNL. Further, within BSNL also, these guidelines are accepted by all stakeholders of Time Bound Promotions of Executives i.e. both recognized associations, Welfare Association and the management in special meeting held by initiatives of SR cell BSNL CO and minutes of the meeting are also signed by all. {Copy <<<>>>}.  

We narrated that BSNL has issued thousands of promotions through DPC wherein reservation issue is not reported and if reported same is resolved by proactive actions by BSNL Management. But same is raised in Time Bound Functional Promotions and query is raised with DoT, same is not replied even after years.  As such there is no need on part of BSNL to wait for fresh clarification on reservation issue as asked in past and BSNL has to act on the DoPT guidelines or resolve this issue at its own.

We further added that there is no single rupee expenditure on part of BSNL to implement this Time Bound Promotion policy and to replace the Non-Functional Promotions as Financial Upgradation by Functional Promotions. We elaborated that when DGM SR is informing that Time Bound Promotions are not possible in BSNL, she is giving misleading information as the Time Bound Promotion Policy for DGM and above level officers is implemented in BSNL and same also made available for non-Executives but same is denied to us by giving unjustified reason of issues of reservation which also is resolved now.

During discussions, when DyCLC asked us what is position of members of SNEA in BSNL management as quoted by DGM SR. We have clarified that we are serving at middle management. It was reported by AGM SR that the representatives are part of the management and GS SNEA is also DGM level officer. We narrated that when it is matter of quoting designation, then management is quoting it as Officers, but while giving benefits we are not given treatment as part of the management and this is reason for unrest among executives. When issues are of responsibility, we are reminded being officer and when it is matter of getting any benefit, we are treated as bounded workers and this is reason why we are agitating. Thus it is crystal clear that stand of management expressed by DGM SR that time Bound Promotions is not possible in BSNL is not correct and BSNL management has to give equal treatment to the officers in the management.

DyCLC asked about action taken by BSNL on the recent directions of DoT dated 28/04/2022 and it was informed by DGM SR that no action has been taken on it till today. We have responded that this is only our request that BSNL management has to take positive steps in grating the Time Bound Promotions to left out executives in BSNL and it cannot be denied for any reason.

After understanding both the sides on the first issue of Time Bound promotions, the DyCLC asked for opinion and progress of both the sides on second demand of E2 & E3 Standard pay scales for JTOs and SDE equivalent grades. It was replied by DGM SR that the same has been rejected by DoT and she read out word by word the reply received from DoT which is reproduced as follows. {Copy <<<>>>}

The Presidential Order dated 28/03/2017, was issued with the approval of Hon’ble MoC after extensive examination and elaborate consultations/discussions at higher levels. DPE had also endorsed this order and has not suggested for any changes. Further, the proposal for upgradation of E1 and E2 scales will invariably have cascading effect on all scales. Hence the proposal of BSNL for upgrading the scales cannot be agreed to. By quoting these lines DGM SR cleared that as per this letter, the demand of SNEA for implementation of E2 and E3 pay scales for JTOs and SDEs cannot be given consideration by BSNL management.

DyCLC asked for say of the SNEA and we have responded that the interpretation and say of the management is wrong and misleading. The Presidential Order dated 28/03/2017, quoted in the reply by DoT is not implemented in BSNL as it is leading towards the lowering of pay scales and after this letter also BSNL has repeatedly requested DoT for approval of Standard Pay scales for executives in BSNL. We narrated that DPE has issued guidelines for Standard Pay scales and mainly for replacement of intermediate E1A and E2A scales operational only in BSNL by E2 and E3 scales. These DPE guidelines are endorsed by DoT to BSNL and BSNL has acted on it and requested for approval of Standard Pay Scales E2 in place of existing E1A Pay Scale and E3 in place of E2A scales.

But DoT is responding for replacement of E1A Scales by E1 and E2A Pay Scales by E2 which is downgrading of existing pay scales in BSNL which cannot be accepted by association and it is fortunate that BSNL also has not accepted this demand. We have conveyed thanks to BSNL Management for such support to its executives. We added that it is assumed by BSNL since formation of BSNL in 2000 that entry level scale in BSNL was E1A and after 17 years DoT says that it is E1 which is not correct. During these 17 years gap, BSNL has recruited thousands of JTOs/JAOs in E1A Scales. This issue was first underlined after creation of Pay anomaly in 2007, BSNL has decided to settle grievances by grating E1 plus five increments.

But in future course of time, these five increments also could not cover losses of young executives in BSNL and hence BSNL has decided to upgrade these scales E1A to E2 and is in need of only administrative approval of DoT. But over the years, the required administrative approval is not conveyed by DoT as matter is twisted by conveying approval for upgradation of E1A Scale to E1, which was never request of BSNL. Due to seriousness of the issues, BSNL has not implemented the Presidential Order Dated 23/03/2017 and repeatedly requested to DoT for approval of E2 and E3 Scales.

We updated DyCLC that during our discussions with DoT Officers, we have queried about the fact how the E1A Pay scale are being downgraded by DoT and it was replied that it was result of one of the court cases in 2017 and contempt Petition from CAT Chandigarh against senior officers of DoT. The contempt was why DoT is not issuing Presidential order and it was not to issue Presidential Order for upgradation of E1A Scale to E2.  DoT has technically complied with the contempt petition by issuing the Presidential order dated 23/03/2017 and lowering or upgradation of pay scales was not the issue of contempt petition. It was reported that the time was short to comply the petition by clearing issue about upgradation of Pay Scales by verifying facts. Hence the compliance order was issued as standard order and it was just attempted to close the contempt petition.

We added that the cascading effect quoted by DoT in this letter is not demand of BSNL or affected executives and hence fear of cascading effect as expressed in this letter from DoT is unwanted. We informed that DoT has approved VRS package by support of Government of India which in thousands of Crores and here demand of Standard Pay scales is raised by BSNL which will have expenditure of Rs 100 to 110 Crore per year only administrative approval is required from DoT as expenditure will be borne by BSNL and no burden lies with DoT.  We added that we have elaborated all these issues worthy CMD BSNL and requested BSNL to take up issue of Standard Pay Scales as fresh at higher level and detailed letter is submitted recently. {Copy <<<>>>}.

In conclusion, we pleaded that we have already requested to BSNL management to stick to its recommendations and continue to raise the issue with DoT only for administrative approval at higher level. We expressed that in this reconciliation meeting also we were expecting similar stand from representatives of the Management, but we are surprised to see the totally negative stand in contradiction of discussions held in meeting chaired by Director HR on 10/05/2022, which was specially held as conciliation meeting after withdrawal of historical 66 days agitational programme by SNEA.

DyCLC asked what about package to be given to BSNL by DoT as discussed in last meeting and why cannot be these demand part of that package. It was informed by DGM SR that the proposal on revival Package is under consideration but it does not include the demand of Standard Pay Scales. We added that DoT and Government of India is really supporting BSNL and we appreciate efforts of CMD BSNL in getting such support from Government of India. But whatever support will be extended will be in form of different projects to be implemented by BSNL and the executives at level of JTO/SDE who are deprived of Standard pay scales and pay loss have to play important role I implementation of these projects as they are backbone of BSNL and are directly involved in practical implementation of such projects in BSNL. Due to this reason only BSNL is recommending Standard pay scales every time at different intervals since last ten years.

After understanding the issues and say of both the sides on both the issues, DyCLC expressed that BSNL management has to take action on the instructions received from DoT and initiate steps for resolution of issues as agitated by SNEA. He added that if no action is taken on settlement of the issues, his office will be not left with any other option in allowing association to continue their protest as it is their right to agitate on non-settlement of genuine demands well agreed and accepted by BSNL as seen in the past records.  

While checking compliance given by AGM SR vide letter dated {Copy <<<>>>}, the DyCLC was surprised to see name of association in this letter which is not party to agitation. It was replied by AGM SR BSNL CO that the letter given to associations is the compliance as its copy is marked to DyCLC as compliance.

After look at casual compliance given by AGM SR, DyCLC categorically asked for the compliance of his office letter dated 24/03/2022 and the compliance given by AGM SR is not acceptable. DyCLC expressed his displeasure and informed that this is not proper approach and he need compliance on happening and action taken by BSNL for resolution of the issues as per proceedings of reconciliation meetings.

In conclusion of proceedings, DyCLC directed BSNL Management to submit detail compliance on action taken for resolution of issues and its copy may be given to GS SNEA within weeks’ time.  He further directed that SNEA should submit its views on compliance given by BSNL within weeks’ time. Accordingly next reconciliation meeting is fixed after two weeks i.e. on 14/07/2022 wherein issues will be discussed on the basis of the written say of both the parties. The proceedings concluded with signature of all participants of meeting on minutes of the proceedings.

In conclusion of proceedings, we have conveyed thanks to DyCLC for his initiatives and directions to BSNL for resolution of issues and DGM SR and AGM SR BSNL CO for consent to submit compliance as asked by DyCLC.


04 July 2022 : 

All India Eligibility List of JAOs 2016 & 2018 Batches: 

SNEA CHQ is getting many queries about the preparations of the All India Eligibility List of JAOs recruited in Year 2016 and 2018. In this regard it is to inform that SNEA CHQ is pursuing this matter continuously.

The detailed information of JAOs 2016 Batch called by DPC Cell is received from all Circles. The work of being consolidating and rearranging information is going on and hopefully the AIEL No. 6 of JAOs of 2016 Batch will be issued within fortnight.

After publishing AEIL No 6 for JAO Batch 2016 the work for finalization of AIEL No 7 for JAO Batch 2018 will be started and thus AEIL for all JAOs will be finalized shortly.



27 June 2022 : 

Consideration of Inter Circle OTP Request Transfers: 

SNEA CHQ getting frequent calls from its members calls about Pending OTP Request Transfers. Accordingly we have taken up matter of pending Inter Circle OTP Request Transfers of Executives with Shri. R.K. Goyal, PGM Pers BSNL CO and he is kind enough to assure that all the OTP Request except requests to Circles having Excess executives will be given consideration by end of June 2022.

Accordingly work has been started and hopefully OTP Requests of all wings will be given consideration. OTP Requests for J&K Circle are more, these requests will be given consideration as per waiting list published.

If any of the executive who has applied for OTP Request Transfer earlier, but do not want this transfer now, but could not withdraw his /her request from OTP, is requested to send his written representation to AGM Pers I, BSNL CO in case of AGM Cadre and to AGM Pers II, BSNL CO in case of SDE Cadre.

We have taken up matter for provision of option for withdrawal of OTP Request and it is assured that suitable changes will be made in ERP, but it is possible only after next Quarter and not possible in present Quarter of OTP. As per modification in OTP transfer guidelines, once Transfer order is issued, it will not be cancelled.

As such, Executives concerned who have applied under OTP for Inter Circle Transfers, are requested to be alert and submit his/her representation for withdrawal of OTP without any further delay or be ready for joining at the designated Circle as per OTP Request. 


25 June 2022 : 

Standard Pay Scales E2 (20600-46500) for JTO/JAO and E3 (24900-50500) for SDE/AO

GS SNEA writes letter to CMD BSNL for replacement of Intermediate Pay Scales with Standard Pay scales and further request for kind intervention to take up the replacement of present intermediate Pay Scales of E1A and E2A to Standard Pay Scales E2 (20600-46500) for JTO/JAO and E3 (24900-50500) for SDE/AO equivalent cadres without cascading effect from 01.01.2007 at higher level by clearing unwanted doubts expressed by DoT.

Copy Enclosed<<<>>>


18 June 2022 :  .

Felicitation of Great Leader of SNEA, Com. M. S. Adsul, AIP Manish Samadhiya, AGS Brelin Isaac and PUNE SNEA District Conference on 29.05.2022.

29 May 2022: Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Pune (Report by Ex DS Com.  P. S. Kinikar): 

       As per the Notice served by DS SNEA Pune, District conference of SNEA Pune was successfully held at MHS BSNL Recreation Hall, Camp, Pune on 29/05/2022.



The meeting was conducted under the President-ship of Com. Rajesh Londhe, DP SNEA Pune. In the Morning, open session started in presence of Chief Guest Shri. Anil Dhanorkar, PGM BA Head Pune & Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ. From the CHQ, there was a grand presence of all India President Com. Manish Samadhiya and AGS Com. Brelin Issac.

The Open Session had auspicious presence of Shri. S. M. Bhatambre, PGM HQ/W/CHD, Shri. Shashank Bhalekar, PGM NWP, Shri. Rakesh Agarwal, PGM Nodal and Shri. P. K. Saha, NWO CM Pune.


From Maharashtra Circle Office Bearers, Com. Shailendra Solanke CP MH SNEA, Com. M. N. Kotambe, CS SNEA, Com. H. N. Tipre DT SNEA MH, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, Jt. Secretary NRU SNEA MH, Com. Prayag Pisal, Jt. Secretary West SNEA MH, Com. Pimparkar VP SNEA MH were present.

CWC members Com. S. P. Sonawane, Com. Rupesh Kumar Joint Sec HQ, Com. Sunil Shinde (Kolhapur), CWC Member Com. Tejas Tadsare (Satara) were present.

From District Branches, Com. Anil Dubey, Circle office Branch, Com. Datta Dubile, DS Aurangabad, Com. Chaure DS Ahmednagar, Com. Samir Khare DS Nagpur, Com. P. N. Patil DP Nasik, Com. Rushikesh Dani DS ITPC Pune, Com. Shivaji Borude, ITPC Pune and Com. Bharat Sonawane Ex. CP, MH Circle all graced the gathering of District Conference.

Apart from this, Com. V. R. Choudhary, Ex Pune DS now TDM Raigarh, Com. S. N. Kulkarni, TDM Ratnagiri and from SNEAPWA - Com. S. M. Chand, Com. Dilip Bhogade, Com. H. N. Bhosale, Com. V. B. Ninave, Com. H. S. Sawant participated.

A Group of LADY Comrades of SNEA Nashik especially came to meet the GS. Com. M. S. Adasul.

From other Associations and Unions, SNATTA - DS Com. Nitin Gaikwad, DP Com. Pratik Deore, NFTE - DP Com. Ulhas Jawlekar, BSNLEU - DS Com. Vikas Kadam, DP Com. Jakati, Com. Ganesh Bhoj and Com. Kishor Gawali joined the open session.

MHS recreation hall was fully occupied by OUR SNEA LOYAL MEMBERS with their valuable presence. There was warmth in the air as everyone was eager to hear & meet GS Com. M. S. Adsul sir and other leaders.

The meeting proceedings started with "Deep Prajwalan".

Then two minutes silence was observed in memories of departed soul of late Com. Suhas S. Durgule.

Welcome song and GANESH song were beautifully sung by team all Comrades Dr. Satish Alandkar, Mrs Arti Joshi, Mrs. Jyoti Jha, Mrs. D. Devdiga, Amar Joshi, Nilesh Bagde & others.


Com. Rajesh Londhe, DP in his opening speech warmly welcomed Members, all guests, CHQ, COB & other District branches. In his remark appreciated the GS & CHQ & thanked for sparing valuable time in spite of busy schedule. In further proceedings the felicitation of our dashing Great Leader now GS Com. M. S. Adasul and chief guest, AIP Manish Samadhiya AGS Brelin Issac, CS SNEA MH Shri.  M.N. Kotambe, CP Shailendra Solanke, Chief Guest PGM Pune BA, other PGMs, GM, All DGMs, and All DOBs of SNEA Nashik other District representatives of SNEA.

After that the tentative agenda of Meeting was passed unanimously in one voice & as per the approved Agenda the further proceedings of meeting started. DS SNEA Pune Com. P. S. Kinikar initially congratulated all participant SNEA Members for their active participation in GB meeting, CHQ and COB and other Districts OBs & Other UNIONS and put up a brief regarding the SNEA Pune branch.

Chief guest Shri. ANIL Dhanorkar, PGM Pune BA, in his speech congratulated the GS M.S. Adsul and CHQ for their unanimous election. During his very studied speech, he touched all the various aspects of Development & HR and other subjects on Pune BA.

CS Com. M. N. Kotambe in his motivational speech, guided all the members and also appreciated team Pune for successful conduction of District Conference. He added about the activities happening at MH circle and assured to resolve pending transfer cases of Pune.

Thereafter, our beloved GS, the great leader of MH SNEA, Com. M. S. Adsul sir addressed huge gathering of all esteemed SNEA Pune members. In his speech he appreciated the work done by our executives in the pandemic situation of Corona and efforts taken by the District body for development & HR issues. He highlighted all HR & development issues & assured Pune, MH and entire All India SNEA executives that he will give justice to all and resolve issues. In his speech he highlighted issues of timely salary, vendor payments and temporary advance issues. Added in his speech, he discussed that at the BSNLCO, he personally addressed the issues observed after CL taken on 7th January. He further addressed that New CHQ Body took major agenda points as 3RD PRC, Promotions in all cadres and Development issues. He appreciated SNEA Pune body for such a huge gathering even after the VRS situation. He pointed about long stay 26 years Transfers that the CHQ is working continuously for the change of circles requests. He Briefed on SDE to DE /AGM promotions, Civil /electrical promotions and related issues. Members were very happy to hear from him about all current issues in BSNL. He appealed to all to increase SNEA membership for further goal achievements.



SNEA All India President Com. Manish Samadhiya spoke about the mission of new body & summed up with the activities started immediately after new body formation. AGS Com. Brelin Issac in short speech informed that he worked in Pune SSA earlier and assured that All India SNEA Executives all are committed to work for 24 hours.



SNATTA, NFTE, BSNLEU Leadership felicitated GS SNEA Com. M. S. Adasul & after that the delicious lunch was arranged.

Whole programme of Open session was professionally anchored by Com. Santosh Devdiga & Com. Mrs Ashwini Gaikwad

At last, the vote of thanks is tendered by Com. Dr. Satish Alandkar DT SNEA Pune & thanks to all who have involved for successful conduction of district conference & all respected.

Afternoon session ended with dissolution of old body and election of new Body.

Unanimously elected new District Office Bearers of SNEA Pune are as follows :

  S. No.





District President

Com. S. G. Kadam



Vice President - I

Com. Jyoti Jha

JTO (PCM Hadapsar)


District Secretary

Com. S. P. Sonawane



District Treasurer

Com. A. N. Raut

SDE (Legal)


Asstistant District  Secretary - I

Com. R. A. Londhe

SDE (FTTH East/Central)


Asstistant District  Secretary - II

Com. Pallavi Korde

JTO (Bhosari)


Asstistant District  Secretary - III

Com. Girish Sonar



Asstistant District  Secretary - III

Com. Santosh Devadiga

JTO (Billing)


Organising Secretary - I

Com. V. V. Sonawane



Organising Secretary - II

Com. Akash Upasani



Organising Secretary - III

Com. K. H. Jawale



CEC Member - I

Com. Datta Chavan

JTO (l/E -Warje)


CEC Member - II

Com. Sanjay Gaikwad

SDE (Electrical)


CEC Member - Ill

Com. Amar Joshi



CEC Member - IV

Com. Piyush Karande



CEC Member - V

Com. K. G. Dhabale




Com. S. J. Kulkarni

SDE (Bldg. MHS)


Congratulation and best wishes!   


After that, there was one to one interaction by Members with GS sir.  


The District conference was concluded with National Anthem· 


Dear SNEA members this success of district conference and grand togetherness/gathering because of you all and your all faith in our SNEA association family and faith on all representatives at district, circle and at CHQ level. For successful conduction of meeting our DP, DS, all DOBs, and CWC Member & CEC Member have taken great efforts. SNEA Pune especially appreciates efforts from our CP Com. Shailendra Solanke who is always involved in every work. Especially thankful to Com. Girish Sonar for capturing all the events in camera.


We are very fortunate that for our district conference, such big leaders GS SNEA, AIP, AGS, MH CS/CP/CT, District OBs and other union representatives graced the conference.


Thanks to all dear SNEA members. Let's be united for prosperity of BSNL and our legitimate demands.




Through the lens of Com. Girish Sonar <<<>>>