Earlier the Association was popularly known with the name as JETA subsequently JTOA (I) representing the cadre of JE/JTO of DOT. With the tireless efforts of Com W. Sheshagiri Rao, Group B status was awarded to JTOs, by the 5th CPC and with his foresighted vision Association amended constitution so that JTOs and officers promoted thereof can become the members of this Association. Also the name of the association was changed to TEOA (I). In April 2003 a historic decision of merger was taken by two Associations i.e. TEOA (I) and BSNLEA (I) at Kanyakumari and the name was changed to Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association (India).

The Association struggled for many up gradations as far as the executives are concerned and finally got beautiful and fruitful results thereof. A few of them are enlisted as below:

1)     The Association fought for up gradation of pay scales from 1400-2600 to 1640-2900 for JTOs and got it. During 5th CPC, with the persuasion of association with DOT and members of pay commission, the pay scale of JTO was upgraded from Rs.1640-2900 to Rs.2000-3500, hence JTOs got the revised pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500 with group ' B' with gazetted status. It also resulted into up gradation in pay scales of SDE and DE.  The Association also ensured SDEs scale of Rs. 7500-12000 which benefited thousands of executives across the country. Moreover due to the persuasion of our Association JTO recruitment rules were promulgated and recruitment of thousands of outsider JTOs was done by BSNL.

2) On Formation of BSNL our Association was fully determined to achieve better “ TERMS AND CONDITIONS before the ABSORPTION for BETTER AND PROSPEROUS FUTURE” against the hurried and shortsighted demand of adhoc amount of Rs. 2000/- without terms and conditions made by other Association. To achieve the cause our brave comrades approached various CATs and ultimately  historic judgment was passed by the Principal Bench CAT New-Delhi in parity with our demand, accordingly  instruction was issued to All concerned i.e. DOT / BSNL to go ahead in absorption with prior “TERMS AND CONDITIONS ONLY”.

Once again In Sept. 2002 agitation was launched by our Association under ENC platform with charter of demands including pay scales, Time Bound promotion, Service weight age, pension, cadre review Recruitment of fresh JTOs etc. thus due to the successful agitation, BSNL management & ENC made mutual agreement by which pay scale of JTO, SDE, Sr. SDE and DE was revised with all the benefits of Time Bound promotion. Now with the implementation of which our officers who are presently retiring in DE's pay scale will retire in the selection grade of DGM. 

3) Accordingly the absorption process started by BSNL as per our CAT petition directives and terms conditioned agreed with OUR ENC.

4) In last four years due to the rigorous and keen interest of our Association more than 15000 JTOs are promoted to SDEs, in the same way after amendment of our constitution to enroll SDEs and DEs to TEOA(I) and BSNLEA(I) we started pursuing the promotion of SDEs to DEs and the result is, in last two years more than 1500 SDEs were promoted to Adhoc DEs which was not the case in last 7 to 8 years.

The Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association (India) is committed and  will remain committed forever for the cadre prospectus of our BSNL executives from Telecom, Civil, Electrical,  Accounts etc.

long live the SNEA